The right time for the breakfast hour that works to lose weight better

The timing of breakfast makes all the difference when it comes to diet and nutrition, and experts say shifting it to the right hour may be the key to losing weight. People usually sit down to breakfast between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m.; However, experts say moving it to 11 a.m. may be beneficial.

How do we determine meal time to lose weight?

According to the site healthline“Achieving 14 hours of fasting is necessary for weight loss and so a simple change that can be made is to shift the breakfast time from 8 am to 11 am.

This diet plan is effective because it helps the gut microbes develop a circadian rhythm that gives the digestive system time to rest. Studies show that doing so can help people lose anywhere from 4 to 11 pounds over several months of doing so. They preferred an early breakfast, experts recommended an early dinner – at 6 pm.

Is fasting the only way to lose weight?

Many meal plans such as intermittent fasting are advocates of fasting for weight loss, however, it appears that fasting, if not combined with the right food choices that promote calorie restriction, may not necessarily lead to weight loss.



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