Glovo distributors, the Catalan instantly appli cable, have announced a new strike day for Thursday, August 1. The strike, convened by a group of dealers with the support of Riders X Rights and the Autonomous Riders Association, aims to stop the service throughout the day to protest the labor and wage conditions of the riders, such as their controversial condition of self-employed. The call will affect the service of the applicant in Barcelona, ​​but also workers from the entire metropolitan area can be added.

The workers maintain that Glovo has them under a contract of false freelancers, but it is not the only demand of the 'riders'. The dealers report a false hourly flexibility, as they claim that the company only gives them the chance to work specific hours of the day. "They always tell us that they will give us more hours to choose and that they will improve conditions, but then they will never do anything", said Brian González, representative of Glovo dealers.

The dealers also protest against the lack of effective support and the pressure, both on the part of the premises and of the company, to finalize the orders. The riders have also noted the non-compliance and irregularities of the payment method, based on the kilometers they make and also based on the waiting time of the client. For this reason, Glovo workers demand that a waiting time limit be placed for an order, since sometimes this does not depend on the dealer, but, for example, from the restaurant where an order has been made.

According to the representative of the Glovo dealers, "between 800 and 1,000 workers are called to strike throughout the day," although he said that the dealers can be added only to the demonstration convened by 12 noon at the Crossroads between Carrer de Marina and Carrer de Provença. Once the march begins, the workers will head to the offices of Glovo in Barcelona.

Protests at Glovo arrive just two months after the death of a dealer due to a hurricane while on duty. The victim was subcontracted by another dealer and, knowing the facts, the workers went out to the street stating that the company did not do enough to prevent occupational hazards.

Glovo's dead dealer was 'subcontracted' by another

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