the revolution in aesthetic medicine

Returning youth to the face is possible, achieving it naturally is much better. To cope in harmony with the changes that inevitably come with age, aesthetic medicine has made revolutionary advances with dermal injectables and micro-focused ultrasound technology, offering comprehensive, safe, and non-surgical results.

Both procedures give the possibility of reversing the signs of aging or secondary changes due to intrinsic factors, such as smoking and drinking, or the same inheritance of the skin.

The offer is wide for each patient according to their age and the objective they have: a luminous, fresh and healthy skin, as well as a better projection of the facial angles. Or, correct expression lines and wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and forehead, up to faces that have lost their structural support over time.

Injectables are various and can be classified according to their viscosity or the volume, softness and firmness they provide to the skin, which is the main layer of defense against the outside world. Mainly, they are used to reposition the volume and restore or correct damage. Micro-focused ultrasound with real-time visualization is a safe, non-invasive procedure and is the ideal alternative to plastic surgery with natural results.

Treatments with superior technology

Among all the changes that the skin undergoes, the most important are sagging, low elasticity and loss of volume. With the latter, furrows, fine lines and, most notably, wrinkles begin.

According to Dr. Cristina Méndez Spain, an expert in aesthetic medicine and general director of Eleganta Medical Spa based in Tijuana, the science of injectables has completely revolutionized all branches of medicine that focus on beauty or have a link with the cosmetic. “They are products of higher technology, which entail more predictable applications, with more harmonious and natural results,” he explains in an interview for Forbes Mexico.

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The care after the use of dermal injectables is very simple: do not manipulate the area, do not press, in case of inflammation, place ice, do not drink alcoholic beverages. The only thing that could affect the daily life of the patient would be that he should reduce physical activity a little on those days and avoid continuous exposure to the sun at high temperatures.

These are the main factors in your boom: It does not require rest, nor days of rest, which makes it a viable treatment for many patients without the need to go through an operating room.

Injectables’ superior technology and rapid patient benefits make them a comprehensive beauty solution. In the market, Xeomeen, Belotero and Radiesse stand out widely for their innovation:

1. Xeomeen. Among all the Type A botulinum toxins that exist, this is the only pure toxin, which reduces the possibility that in its application the user will generate an antibody (resistance) to the substance.

It works basically by blocking the signal or the neurotransmitter to the muscle, so it reduces muscle contraction and, therefore, reduces the expression lines secondary to muscle movement. It is considered a very stable formulation with highly satisfactory results.

The application is simple and agile. The results are fast and begin to be seen from the third day. They last four to six months, depending on each patient.

2. Belotero. It is a line of fillers of hyaluronic acid totally compatible with the body and biodegradable, which makes it highly safe. Its range of products is very wide to meet all the needs of patients.

The line is very versatile and works from hydrating the skin to filling fine lines of expression or giving volume to lift specific areas on the neck and face. Belotero gel is very cohesive, meaning that it will stay where it is injected no matter how much pressure is applied. And its plasticity allows a natural and homogeneous integration into the skin. That is why the results are so harmonious, comprehensive and natural.

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3. Radiesse. The main substance that composes it is calcium hydroxyapatite, present in bones and teeth, that is why it is a totally compatible and biodegradable component in patients. That is, the body will not react as if it were a foreign material and it degrades without damage over time.

It is rated as the best skin collagen stimulator out there to restructure, lift and improve skin quality. The patient, in addition to having undergone a type of treatment lifting, by the restored volume, you begin to get changes in your skin.

“The volume will give you firmness and lift of areas where there was loss; but, in addition to that, the skin changes and returns youth thanks to the production of collagen and elastin that it generates ”, explains specialist Cristina Spain.

In an injectable product, safety, quality and composition must be a priority. Xeomeen, Belotero and Radiesse have it, and for this reason they are considered the safest brands, which do not cause malformations, granulomas or future effects.

Lifting without surgery

Ultherapy is the only device with real-time visualization on the market that is approved by the FDA, the federal agency of the US Department of Health, to make a lifting or a lift of the tissues through a non-invasive procedure, that is, without surgery or downtime for the patient.

Dr. Karen Flores Uscanga, dermatologist and specialist in Ultherapy treatments, explains in an interview that through the application of micro-focused ultrasound –the technology used by this avant-garde equipment– the skin layers are deepened to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. In this way, the skin on the neck, face and décolleté is tightened and wrinkles and expression lines are reduced.

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“It is the only device in the world that allows you to see between the layers of tissue, in real time. In this way, it guarantees that the treatment is unique because we are going to deposit the heat generated by the ultrasound in the layers required by the patient ”, he details.

It is a non-surgical and individualized treatment with gradual results. Some patients see an initial effect right after the procedure; however, the real results appear 3 months later, as new collagen is generated, gradually lifting and firming the skin on the face and neck.

It is inevitable that time will leave a trace on the skin as we age. But science has gone further to get natural-looking results without surgery or downtime. Reach out to the experts for more information.

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