The Revenue Agency will immediately send the check, the bank transfer or the refund to those who send the return by May 31st

Respecting the tax deadlines is essential for those who want to sleep peacefully without risking unnecessary increases and various taxes. To this end, the Revenue Agency makes the tax calendar available to its taxpayers every month. Among the many dates to be marked on the calendar there is also the transmission of 730/2022 by employees and pensioners. The presentation of this model entails several advantages for taxpayers who will be able to obtain reimbursement for the expenses incurred for themselves and for the family.

In fact, the latter are so many, such as the mortgage, the rent, school and health costs. Consider, for example, the expenses for eyeglasses and specialist visits or the expenses incurred for the purchase of masks or tampons. This is why our tax system provides for the possibility of deducting 19% from income tax.

The Revenue Agency provides taxpayers with a pre-filled tax return with various data already entered, starting from 23 May. Those who accept the pre-filled 730 online without making changes will no longer have to show the receipts attesting deductible and deductible charges. Furthermore, it will not be subjected to documentary control.

The Revenue Agency will immediately send the check, the bank transfer or the refund to those who send the return by May 31st

Anyone wishing to obtain reimbursement of expenses incurred as soon as possible must hurry to submit the return by the end of May. In this way it will be possible to obtain a refund as early as July. In fact, this can take place directly in the paycheck starting from the month of July. If, on the other hand, a tax payable should emerge, this will be withheld from the salary again starting from the month of July. While for pensioners, the credit or deduction from the pension will take place from the month of August or September.

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The withholding agent will deliver to the taxpayer a copy of the prepared return and the liquidation prospectus. The latter will contain an indication of the reimbursement paid and the sums that will be withheld. If sent by May 31, the liquidation prospectus will be processed by June 15. Any emerging IRPEF credit will be recognized to taxpayers in the month following that in which the withholding agent receives the settlement statement. Therefore, the sooner the declaration is sent, the sooner the refund will arrive. Those who have sent it by May 31st will be able to receive a refund on the July pay slip.

Without substitute

Furthermore, the presentation of the 730 can also take place without a substitute. In this case, any reimbursement will be made directly by the tax authorities. If the taxpayer has provided the Revenue Agency with the coordinates of his bank or postal current account, the credit will take place directly on those coordinates. The accreditation request can be made online using the application available on the website of the Entity or at any office of the Revenue Agency.

If the contact details have not been communicated, the Revenue Agency will send a check issued by Poste Italiane spa. Therefore, those who want to monetize will have to hurry because the Revenue Agency will immediately send the check or the reimbursement to those who will carry out the transmission by 31 May.


For these common expenses, families with children and income up to 36,000 euros will receive 1,000 euros from the Revenue Agency

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