Towards an opening in early 2022? This was what seemed to be said by the Secretary of State for European Affairs on an official visit to Reunion. Guest of the newspaper of Réunion la 1ère, he spoke about the issue of the New Coastal Route.

The NRL was funded in part by Europe, and is not complete. And yet, a new financial commitment ” is not on the agenda “, indicated Clément Beaune. The Secretary of State for European Affairs specified that the NRL was a contracting authority for the Réunion region.

“There has been funding from Europe, from the State, which is very important. Today the subject is when will the viaduct part be able to open with a temporary connection?”

Clément Beaune, Secretary of State for European Affairs

Clément Beaune: The NRL

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The President of the Region will have to ” to make choices

There have been a number of financial difficulties, there are a number of choices for the future on the final stages of road construction which primarily belong to the Region “, said Clément Beaune.

A meeting with the president of Region Huguette Bello was held on Friday September 10. The file was of course mentioned. ” We talked about it very sincerely, but I think it’s not for me to speak for him “, said the Secretary of State.

He warns, ” the president of the Region knows that she will have to make a certain number of choices on the way in which the last part will be built, on her negotiation as project owner Region with the companies of the consortium “.

In fact, 2.7 km remain to be completed, with the construction of a dike road between Grande-Chaloupe and La Possession.

The State and Europe were ” massively at the rendezvous

Clément Beaune recalls that the State was massively at the rendezvous of financing, Europe also with 150 million euros of European funds.

“Now it is not first and foremost a financial subject, it is the negotiations that the Region is carrying out, the choices that the Region will make on the last part, and after … We are not going to start putting in money on the table for a project which has already received a lot from the State, and for which strategic choices must be made before talking about new funding. “Clément Beaune, Secretary of State for European Affairs

Clément Beaune, Secretary of State for European Affairs

An opening in early 2022 judged ” realistic

The State financed the provisional connection by the Recovery Plan to the tune of 17 million euros. ” We did, I believe, on the side of the State, the work “, commented Clément Beaune,” and now it is the Region as the contracting authority who must decide when to open “.

“I understand that what is realistic is the start of the year 2022.”

Clément Beaune, Secretary of State for European Affairs

The previous President of the Region, Didier Robert, had publicized the delivery of the viaduct, connecting Saint-Denis to the Grande-Chaloupe, on March 30. He then indicated that the work to connect this 5,400-meter-long engineering structure to the road network should be completed in December 2021.