A Florida couple continues to show amazement at the positive results of coronavirus tests that have never been done, indicating that something must be wrong within the state Department of Health.

The Hispanic immigrant couple, whom we will call Pedro and María, because they have preferred to hide their identity before the complaint filed, says that in early July both began to present some symptoms related to covid-19, after having been in a meeting in the city of West Palm Beach, Florida, where they reside.

The couple knew that it was possible that he had been infected with the coronavirus, which is why days later, he decided to go to one of the sites where they do tests and verify if their suspicions were real.

“We both had fever, chest pain, diarrhea and a lot of tiredness”, she indicated, noting that the day they decided to have the test, they got up very early, because they knew in advance of the long lines and delays in the process.

María said that before 7 in the morning they were already at the site, but that even at that time there was already a long congestion of vehicles, which is why they assumed that the wait would be hours.

“After almost 3 hours in line, we were finally able to check in with a nurse who took our personal details and asked how many people we would get tested for. That person told us to get our IDs ready and put them on the windshield inside, to that medical personnel could fill out the respective forms, “she said.

But while they were still waiting for their care, her husband began to feel very ill, indicating that he had to go to the bathroom and that he preferred to return home.

“He told me that he did not want to wait in the car for another couple of hours, in addition, it was most likely that we did have the covid-19 and that the best thing was to take care of ourselves and not expose ourselves outside,” she said, adding that seeing him as Wrong, he accepted that they return to their home.

The couple then left the test site without ever having had contact with the medical personnel in charge of the tests.

The health condition of both of them improved with the passing of the days and their symptoms gradually disappeared. keep our immune system strong.

So, little by little, we started to feel better, “she said.

An unexpected call

But on July 23, Pedro received a call that he did not expect.

“They told me that my covid-19 test had come back positive. I told them that I had never had it done, but they told me that the records showed that I had gone on July 8 to the place where we had really been for hours.”

Pedro stated that despite explaining to the woman who called him about the mistake made, she insisted on telling her that she had written proof that she had been in that place.

A day later, Maria received the same confirmation: ” Your covid-19 test came back positive“they told him on the other end of the phone line.

“Something very strange is happening with these results. It is not possible for us to be part of the contagion figures in the state without ever having been tested. How many of those numbers are false like ours? What do they intend to increase the contagion figures? “Pedro said.

Florida governor says he knows of similar cases

The cases of Maria and Pedro seem not to be the only ones that have been recorded in Florida. At a press conference held in Orlando on July 20, Florida Governor Ron Desantis said he had heard of similar situations and had already called for an investigation within the Health Department.

“Having a positive result when a specimen was not shipped from someone is problematic. I have already heard of other cases and I am concerned about that,” DeSantis said.

The governor asked people with cases like this to contact his office directly so they can fully investigate what happened.

“We need to know more, we are interested in investigating what is happening because this is ridiculous,” said the governor.

Univision Noticias contacted the Florida Department of Health to explain what had happened in these cases, but so far we have received no response.

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