The remains of Prince Nicolae and his wife will be brought to the Argeș Court

The remains of Prince Nicolae and his wife will be brought to the Argeș Court

The remains of Prince Nicolae (the second child of Queen Maria and King Ferdinand) and of Princess Ioana, his first wife, will be brought this November to the Royal Necropolis at Curtea de Argeș. Initially, Prince Mircea, the youngest child of the royal couple, was also to be brought.

Prince Nicholas was the second child of Queen Mary and King Ferdinand. For a long time, information has been circulating according to which the remains of Princes Nicolae and Mircea (the eldest son of the royal couple Ferdinand and Maria) will be brought to the Argeș Court, but the plans changed this spring, as they revealed exclusively for “Adevărul ” authorized sources from the Royal House of Romania and othersArchdiocese of Argeș and Muscelwithout specifying the reason for the change of plan.

“The bones of Prince Nicolae and Princess Ioana will be brought on November 15 to the Royal Necropolis of the New Cathedral in Curtea de Argeş. The gravestones are already prepared. I don’t think that the remains of Prince Mircea will be brought this year”Archimandrite Caliopie Ichim revealed exclusively for “Adevărul”.

Currently, atThe new Archbishop’s and Royal Cathedralfrom Curtea de Argeş, four members of the Royal Family of Romania sleep their eternal sleep: King Carol II, Queen Elena, King Mihai I and his wife, Ana de Bourbon-Parma. King Charles I, Queen Elizabeth, King Ferdinand I and Queen Maria are buried in the nave of the old church.

Prince Nicholas was born in 1903 in Sinaia and died in 1978, being buried in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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