With the end of 3rd party cookies, advertisers are losing one of the best ways to date to reach potential customers on the open web. The good news: willhaben will have the necessary tools and infrastructure in the future to address target groups accurately.
According to the survey (source: willhaben user survey 2019), almost 80% of users visit willhaben when they are currently in a buying mood. As a 1st-party data provider, the digital marketplace offers a wide range of data relating to purchase intent, user behavior and user engagement. “With current data, willhaben exclusively provides more in-depth insights and information on its target groups. Knowledge about buying mood, socio-demographics and the entire buying process – from awareness to intent to purchase – are available. Depending on the target group strategy, the data can be specified or expanded, ”explains Jochen Schneeberger, Head of Digital Advertising at willhaben.

Find users who are not yet among their customers: In the “willhaben cleanroom”

A secure environment is required to implement the common data strategy. The willhaben cleanroom is a technical infrastructure that connects the respective advertiser data with the willhaben 1st party marketplace data. In doing so, advertisers as well as willhaben always retain sovereignty over the respective information. The relevant data stocks are checked for overlaps and sorted in the willhaben cleanroom for the definition of new target groups.

Insights on user behavior as the basis for relevant advertising messages

The willhaben cleanroom provides specific information about users and their behavior. This enables advertisers to communicate the messages relevant to their respective target group and make better targeting decisions.

Advertising partners and users as winners of the willhaben cleanroom

  • Safety first: All data always remains private, encrypted and in the advertiser’s ecosystem.
  • Increase reach and find potential new customers: The willhaben cleanroom increases the chance of reaching and expanding the desired target group.
  • Improved targeting through user insights: Customer-specific insights into the behavior of the target group help to place advertising messages in a relevant manner.
  • Data connection at the push of a button: Simple processes for uploading and managing the data are guaranteed.
Talk to our sales department about your data strategy and the advantages of the willhaben cleanroom.

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