The reinforcement for which Chivas are going to replace Canelo Angulo

Jesús Angulo injured against Pumas / Alfonso González / Rodolfo Pizarro
May 09, 2022 12:32 p.m.

In the Chivas Not everything is happiness after the victory against the Pumasas they suffered a significant loss ahead of the Liguilla and the next tournament, Jesus Angle he fractured the fibula in his left leg and will be out for three months.

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Given this absence, the rojiblanca board would already work on bringing in a reinforcement, since they understand that their squad is not enough and they would be negotiating for Alfonso Gonzalezwho was eliminated with the Monterrey.

“Ponchito” has been of interest to the Flock since tournaments ago and it would be in the next transfer market when Ricardo Pelaez convince him to join the red and white ranks, although he could compete with other clubs that are also interested in his services.

How much is Gonzalez valued at?

According to figures from Transfermarkt, the pass of “Ponchito” Gonzalez is in little more than 4 million dollarshowever, could arrive for free at Herd since the contract ends with scratchedit would be a matter of fixing his salary.

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