Dr. Kamal Al-Fawal Radhis, Regional Council for Mental Health, emphasized that some Salafi elders are behind the transformation of many psychiatric patients from a simple mental illness that is easy to treat into a chronic disease that is difficult to treat and puts psychiatrists in a difficult position to develop a suitable treatment protocol for these cases where the time factor is important in treating Psychological conditions, just like other physical ailments.

Unfortunately, the psychological patient, especially the people of the countryside, goes to the doctor after unsuccessful attempts to treat magic and charms and go to the sheikhs, some of whom are Salafists who use religion in its wrong place. Religion is the constitution of the lives of Muslims and not for their treatment. The Messenger, peace and blessings be upon him, said: God made every disease a medicine, “and Islam fights hypocrisy and magic.”

Al-Fawal pointed out that the use of some Salafi sheikhs for treatment of legal paperless is not related to psychological treatment. Legal paperwork does not harm, but at the same time it is not useful in treatment.

Al-Fawal denounced the fact that some people brought a Sheikh to read the Qur’an for another while he might be able to read the Qur’an himself for himself.