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The referee says that he complained to Jim Jordan of sexual misconduct by a doctor from the state athletics department of Ohio. , according to a complaint

When he reported the incident to OSU wrestling coaches – US representative Jim Jordan of Ohio, then assistant coach of the team, and Russ Hellickson, the former head coach of the team – they took no action, according to the complaint filed Thursday.

They replied, "Yes, that is Strauss," said the referee, called in the John Doe suit 42.

The lawsuit, filed in an Ohio federal court by 43 men who claim to have been "sexually assaulted, abused, assaulted and / or harassed by Dr. Strauss", is filed against OSU alone and has no accused individual.

Jordan had previously denied having knowledge of allegations of sexual abuse in the state of Ohio. And he did it again on Friday.

"Congressman Jordan has never seen or heard of sexual abuse of any kind, and if he did, he would have talked about it. have confirmed this simple fact, "said a spokesman for his office Friday in a statement.

When contacted by CNN, Hellickson declined to comment.

The plaintiffs in the suit do not include Jordan or Hellickson among the 20 employees named "OSU authorized to take corrective measures to remedy it" and who were informed of Strauss's alleged sexual harassment.

The Ohio Medical Council knew that the late doctor had sexually assaulted his patients, but did not withdraw his license, according to a report
The referee is at least the second person to say publicly that he has directly informed Jordan of alleged inappropriate behavior of Strauss.

Scott Smith, a lawyer representing the 43 victims of Strauss, said Friday that the former doctor's abuses should not be aimed solely at Jordan, but at OSU as an accomplice institution.

"This is not a political problem in our estimation – it's a problem that concerns the Ohio State." It's not about Jim Jordan, it turns out that it's not a political problem in our estimation. he is a witness, it turns out that it's just the name of a person who was present, "Smith said.

Independent investigators hired by OSU concluded that Strauss had sexually assaulted at least 177 students while he was working at the school between 1978 and 1998. He committed suicide in 2005.

The complainants assert that the university's "knowledge, willful indifference and guilt" contributed to Facilitating allegations of Strauss violence against student-athletes and others.

The Ohio State issued this statement in response to the lawsuit: "The State of Ohio has directed efforts to investigate Richard Strauss's misdeeds and systemic misconduct, as well as to denounce systemic misconduct;

This lawsuit alleges violations of Title IX

Independent report indicates that Ohio State became aware of sexual abuse by a physician in 1979

Several other lawsuits have been filed against Ohio State for allegations concerning Strauss.

A lawsuit filed last May by 37 former OSU students claimed that the university "actively concealed" its knowledge of the doctor's actions. Two class action lawsuits filed in 2018 by former wrestlers said that the university had turned a blind eye to allegations of sexual abuse of a doctor on student athletes.

The new lawsuit seeks to obtain an unspecified amount of compensatory damages for a litany of costs, including medical costs, deprivation of rights, pain and emotional suffering past, present and future, as well as for loss of future income. The plaintiffs are also seeking to declare that OSU has violated Title IX by facilitating sexual harassment of students.

In the complaint, another former OSU student, John Doe 32, claims that Strauss had raped her in 1979 after going to the doctor after seeking treatment for the pain, according to the pursuit. He stated that he had lost knowledge of the drugs that Strauss had given him before waking up "face down, feeling extreme rectal pain."

Another OSU alumnus, Hugh Dyer, said in the lawsuit that Strauss had tried repeatedly to have oral sex with him. Dyer alleges that Strauss asked him to take off all his clothes, complimented his body and tried to move his mouth to Dyer's penis, but that Dyer managed to get away each time.

The lawyers for the 43 plaintiffs regard Strauss as a monster attacking vulnerable students, many of whom were athletes who feared losing their scholarship if they did not meet the university's exam requirements with Strauss. They call Strauss' conduct "perhaps the biggest scandal of sexual abuse in American history" and "unquestionably the biggest scandal in the history of higher education. American".

OSU says it pays for consulting services

Dozens of men who have gone to the state of Ohio are pursuing university. They claim that a doctor was a sexual predator

OSU said Friday in a statement that it "actively and bona fide participated in the mediation process run by the federal court" and that it covered the cost of professionally certified consulting services for all people concerned, as well as the reimbursement of the consulting costs already incurred. received. The school claims to have taken steps to remedy Strauss's conduct.

"The state of Ohio has put in place many additional guarantees over the twenty years since Strauss left the university and has committed to appropriately addressing his abuses committed The actions of Richard Strauss are reprehensible and we remain deeply concerned about all Strauss, "said the school in a statement.

The complaint indicates that many of the 43 complainants have dropped out of the OSU and have never obtained a university degree. Many of them still suffer from debilitating anxiety and reported being confused in their sexuality. Many complainants fear sending their own children to university, fearing abuse, the trial says.

CNN's Laura Ly, Haley Byrd and Rachel Bowman contributed to this report.

The referee says that he complained to Jim Jordan of the sexual misconduct perpetrated by the doctor


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