The recording of Marc Anthony moments before his accident

Given the unexpected news of Marc Anthony’s accident in Panama, a video records his previous moments with Nadia Ferreira that we show you here…

May 07, 2022 09:49 a.m.

Marc Anthony made official the goodbye to his bachelorhood, after publishing photos with his new love, the model Nadieu Ferreira with whom he would be completely excited and even publicly thanked people for their good wishes towards their relationship.

In the same way, it came to light that 6 years ago, the same girl would have met the singer as a fan looking for a photograph with her idol, without imagining that some time later, she would end up being the girlfriend of the famous Puerto Rican.

Now, many know that the interpreter of “Live my life”, “Your love does me good” among other successes, he owns countless luxury and sports cars, enjoying different automotive brands seven days a week, where he travels with his new love.

It should be noted that recently, the singer from an impressive recording showed the interior of his luxurious transport that took him to his presentation in Panama, where his girlfriend appears dancing and singing to the rhythm of Juan Luis Guerra surrounded by all the advanced technology that their amazing vehicle gives them.

The transfer was made from an incredible Mercedes Benz Sprinter de Avorzaconditioned especially for celebrities with first class equipment that looks like the interior of an airplane, enabled with comfortable and reclining seats, flat screen TV, beverage holder, technical operation at 7 speeds, V6 engine that develops 190CV.

The transport black color of the right Mercedes Benz Sprinter of Avorza

In the video that you can see in this note, you can see Marc Anthony with his girlfriend dancing and singing a song by Juan Luis Guerra on the way to his show in Panama, without imagining that later, he would suffer a terrible accident in his dressing room, making the decision to suspend the concert.

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+ Video of the moments of Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira before the accident in the dressing room:



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