The reason why iPhones need much less RAM than Android phones


Because all apps must run in the background, Android is a more memory consuming operating system than iOS.

Over the last few years we have been seeing how Android mobiles increasingly have higher capacity RAMhaving on the market several models with 12 GB of RAM and even some with 18 GB.

In contrast to this, we see that Apple has not increased the RAM memory of its terminals, since the iPhone 13 still has only 4 GB of RAM and it is quite curious that an iPhone with 4 GB of RAM run much smoother than an Android with the same amount of RAM.

Find out why the iPhone 13 comes with 4 GB of RAM and Android phones need at least 6 GB to run smoothly.

This is because iPhones need much less RAM than Android phones and next, we are going to explain, in detail, the reasons why this happens.

Why do iPhones need less RAM to work?

The main reason why iPhones need much less RAM than Android smartphones lies in the very essence of each of the operating systems they have. Thus, Android is an operating system that consumes more memory than iOS and this is because in Android all apps should continue to run in the background without closing, while iOS suspend apps running in the background during the time they are not being used.

That way when you need to reopen an iOS app that’s in the background, it’s will reboot back to the previous state where it was before stopping.

iPhone 13

The iPhone 13 works better with 4 GB of RAM than any Android mobile with 8 GB because iOS applications consume much less memory.

Another reason that explains why iOS consumes less memory than Android is found in the requirements that are demanded of app developers in both operating systems.

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This means that the same application consumes less memory on iOS than on Android because Apple imposes stricter requirements on developers and forces them to optimize their creation much more so that it adapts better to the hardware of your devices, whereas, in the case of Android, since there is so much fragmentation at the hardware level, application optimization requirements are more lax.

The iPhone of 2017 will be updated to iOS 16, while the Pixel 3 will be left without Android 13

In short, iOS apps consume less memory than Android apps because are much more optimized.

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