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The reason that toilet seats are U-shaped in public toilets but are not at home – The Sun

YOU may have noticed the difference between public toilets and the one in your home.

Everything is related to the seat with toilets in public bathrooms that have a space in the front that has the shape of the letter u.

    Many public toilet seats have a gap in the front


Many public toilet seats have a gap in the frontCredit: Alamy

But the seat in your bathroom at home will have a seat that goes all the way around.

It's hard to understand why this is enough to make you turn your head, but in reality, the answer is quite simple.

Everything depends on hygiene, because most US public authorities have specific plumbing codes.

The California one says, "All toilet seats, with the exception of those located in dwellings, must be of the open-face type or equipped with a seat cover vending machine."

The move was first introduced in the American Standard plumbing code in 1955, then later in the uniform plumbing codes in 1973.

The space in the seat gives the user a little leeway to avoid touching the seat with the genitals and offers one less place where urine could splash.

According to Lynne Simnick, senior vice president of code development at IAPMO – the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Managers, the space in the seat is also intended to facilitate the spinning of women.

She stated that the design allows "women to wipe the perineal area after using the toilet without touching the seat".

It is also possible that seats with the gap are less expensive to produce and less likely to be stolen.

Roger Barry, CEO of Healthmatic in the UK, said: "The appearance of U-shaped seats is something that has tarnished the UK a lot."

    Most toilet seats in homes form a complete circle


Most toilet seats in homes form a complete circleCredit: Getty – Contributor


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