And into what abyss of stupidity have the leaders of the “Winston Churchill Memorial Trust” fallen, who in homage to the dominant fanaticism have decided, in a ridiculously “anti-racist” function, to mitigate the title of the Foundation with a more timid “The Churchill Fellowship”, uprooting from the site even the photo of the person whose memory should be institutionally kept?

The “Kingdom of Universal Stupidity” (attention, this is no longer a joke) is expanding its boundaries, gradually incorporating sections of cultural life that seemed immune to the contagion of the new obscurantism. Let us try to imagine the thoughtful faces of the Foundation’s managers who had to invent a new name to please the new bullies, to submit to his crazy injunctions, to stay in the mainstream.

They thought that purging the name “Winston” alone could quench the insatiable appetite of the new censors. They thought (“thought” already seems excessive to me for the truth) that it would be more convenient to adapt to the new doctrine rather than defend the figure of a hero of freedom like Winston Churchill, without whose determination, in the “darkest hour”, the ‘Europe and the world would have melted in the face of the armies of the champion of racism Adolf Hitler. But the desire to curry favor with bullies combined with ignorance of the elements.

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