the real debut dates and the profit meter scares

As we know, in this 2022, unfortunately, the obligation of electronic invoicing also debuts for flat rates.

Many have protested this novelty which makes life even more difficult for the poorest VAT numbers. Recall that the total number of VAT numbers in Italy has collapsed with the pandemic and further hindering the poorest and most fragile of this harassed category does not seem very sensible. In any case, this year the electronic invoice will debut with all the problems of the case. But it is not true that the obligation already exists. There is still no obligation for flat rates because the specific implementing rules by the Italian state are lacking. But when will this obligation debut? Probably within the first quarter, but the dates are not yet very clear. But the electronic invoice represents a powerful tool in the hands of the taxman who hopes with the data generated to be able to track down many tax evaders. The taxman aims to cross-reference the data of electronic invoices with those of the income meter for a hunt for tax evasion that is increasingly punctual and without quarter.

Redditometer and controls

In fact, the extension of the electronic invoice to flat-rate payments is clearly a vexatious measure for the latter, but the taxman now adopts any possible solution when it comes to making cash. Probably in the coming weeks we will know more precisely when the obligation actually starts. In any case, it is understood that the health professions are in any case exempt from electronic invoicing. It is important to underline that electronic invoicing has already been compulsory for some time for flat rates that issue invoices to the public administration. However, not a few protested against this measure.

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Instead of encouraging the emergence of new VAT numbers, with special measures for this pandemic that seems to never end, extra weights are added.

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Definitely a bad measure that could determine a serious disincentive in this phase.

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