The reactions after the improved defeat of USON Nevers in Agen: “We are fourth tonight, we are not going to complain”

In an undecided meeting until the end, USON Nevers ended up losing, this Friday, May 6, on the lawn of Agen (25-22), during the 29th day of Pro D2.

Xavier Péméja, manager of Nevers: “We are fourth tonight, we are not going to complain. And the rest depends only on us, even if it is thanks to the results of others. If we beat Montauban next Thursday, we will play a play-off at home. In this match, we lack precision and we make too many mistakes at the end. We don’t fully respect what we had programmed and we give too many points, especially on kick-off receptions. »

Janick Tarrit, hooker and captain of Nevers: “We cannot be satisfied with our performance, we made a lot of hand errors, we lacked precision. We will have to erase all that for the future and especially for the play-off. We are frustrated tonight, but I know the team is ready for the finals. »

Interview by Guillaume Clerc

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