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They are against refugees, against corona rules – and are now fighting for Putin. Radical groups and their new topic.

The basis of democracy is freedom. You can demonstrate, speak your mind without being punished, disadvantaged or harassed.

But for many people who are demonstrating in Berlin and elsewhere these days, it’s not just about that. They reject the state as a whole, they do not consider this government to be legitimate, they feel betrayed and lied to by it.

Firmly on the side of Putin

One of the stars of the scene at the demonstrations is Hendrik Sodenkamp. He describes himself as the “moderator” of the demos. From the back of a van in front of the Brandenburg Gate in the middle of Berlin, he announced to the crowd that he would continue until the “criminals” in the government had resigned. “The people who are here realized in 2020 that the government had lied to them to the letter. People don’t want to take part in the war against Corona and the war against Russia,” says Sodenkamp in an interview with SRF.


Demonstrators in Berlin in January 2022 hold a banner during a demonstration against the government’s measures to contain the corona virus.

Reuters / Christian Mang

That resonates. Many participants have already demonstrated against refugees, against corona measures – and now against the war in Ukraine. They are firmly on Putin’s side.

The range of topics becomes broader

Thuringia’s Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow told the “Spiegel” that he was concerned about what was brewing on the right edge of the republic. “Meanwhile, the so-called walkers, united with AfD, Reich citizens, open right-wing extremists protest against the state and use everything that increases discord. The price explosion will also be used for this.”

In fact, the reference to the war in Ukraine and the impending gas shortage is a theme on many posters. Economics and Climate Minister Robert Habeck can be seen on the cover of a scene magazine. Title: «The Cold Maker». Clearly ambiguous. Others wear cardboard signs on their backs. Crossed out: Corona, WHO, NATO.

Stefan Lauer has been dealing with the topic for a long time at the Amadeu Antonio Foundation in Berlin. He observes currents mixing, the range of topics broadening – now in relation to Western policy in the Ukraine war. “The big bracket,” says Lauer, “is anti-democracy. Or a great distrust of democracy, of the institutions and of the government».

Dreams of the “German Anger Winter”

The head of the Brandenburg Office for the Protection of the Constitution also told the “Spiegel” that the extremists were dreaming of a German winter of anger. In this way they could advertise their anti-state efforts.

Researcher Stefan Lauer is also worried about this prospect. “Right now it is very important that trade unions, parties or associations set a counterweight. So that not everyone who demonstrates against inflation or high prices in autumn or winter is immediately pushed into the extreme corner. »

So the energy crisis actually contains social explosives. Chancellor Scholz had warned of this weeks ago.

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