The prophecy of the Queen of Expectations, Laila Abdel Latif, came true again.. This is what happened in Saudi Arabia and stunned all the Gulf countries!!

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The pioneers of the social media circulated a prophecy of the famous Lebanese fortune-teller, Laila Abdel Latif, that was recently fulfilled in Saudi Arabia.

This comes after the record success of the exceptional Hajj season, this year in the Hajj season, which is the largest in three years.

Laila Abdel Latif had launched a series of expectations during her participation in the “Al-Majhoul” program with the media, Rodolphe Hilal, in early January, through “Voice of Beirut International” and LBCI.

And the famous astronomer said: “I expect Saudi Arabia to take a decision to open the Hajj season to a number of Arab and Islamic countries, and not only from the Saudi interior.”

And Saudi Arabia announced raising the total number of pilgrims to one million, two years after limiting the Hajj to limited numbers from within the Kingdom only due to the Corona pandemic, a few months after the prediction of the astronomer Laila Abdel Latif.

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