The prominent weekly review: With Luke Mockridge, Elton John and Oliver Pocher

The prominent weekly review: With Luke Mockridge, Elton John and Oliver Pocher

Another week is over, that applies to celebrities as well as to the rest of the world. Ticking clocks are to blame for this – or rather the phenomenon that we call time. It is well known that this does not heal all wounds and that is also why the low blows of some are the high points of others.

“The birds sing no more”, would Till Lindemann probably say if you were to ask him what he thinks about his opponents. The Berlin public prosecutor’s office has stopped all investigations against him. A little consolation for everyone involved who doesn’t like it: Lindemann is not a comedian and therefore does not make “I told you so” jokes.

You can do that from Luke Mockridge don’t claim, well, that he’s not a comedian. In the podcast “Had I known that earlier” by Joyce Ilg (Youtuber with questionable humor) and Chris Halb12 he talks about his ex-girlfriend Ines Anioliwho accused him of rape. He also deals out against all those who believed Anioli.

A corresponding procedure for this was already discontinued in 2020, but there was still a shitstorm afterwards. Mockridge sums it up in the podcast as follows: “Then everything boiled up and then you realized: ‘Okay, Shitstorm’. Then the shit basically ran out of the phone and started to change my environment and my life. […] I’m losing jobs, my parents are losing jobs, my brothers are losing jobs. My brother is kicked out of driving school. And then it becomes very real very quickly.”

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Whatsapp flirt with Lena Meyer-Landrut

About his ex, who he always knew wasn’t the right one, he says: “To put it bluntly, if you can have everyone, then you want the one who thinks you suck. And the ones who say in sex podcasts that no man can really fuck them, that they’re all wimps. Suddenly it becomes such a sporty ‘Ah, okay. Challenge accepted.'” The reason for Anioli to part with him (and so on) was a sporting foul, to stay in Mockridge’s image. During the relationship he Lena Meyer-Landrut flirted on whatsapp.

Mockridge then advertises on his Instagram profile for the podcast billing. At the same time he asks his fans not to be mean to his colleague Hazel Brugger to be, although she positioned herself against him at the time. But she is now pregnant and therefore has a “self-esteem that is a bit more fragile”. His wish to his fans: “Be nice to each other, in the end it’s just a game anyway.”

It is said that pride comes after a fall – but only if you don’t actually fall. That can Elton John do not claim: Last week the singer fell in his house in southern France and therefore even had to go to the hospital. Fortunately, he was “released (after a check-up) and is now back home and in good health,” it said. And another accident made headlines: the US actress and singer Selena Gomez stumbled over her long summer dress and broke her right hand.

The Russian opera singer Anna Netrebko still stands, but wobbles. Thousands of Berliners had signed an online petition that wants to prevent Netrebko from appearing at the State Opera. The reason: The singer had a different event with the Russian President Wladimir Putin to do. However, the State Opera is sticking with Netrebko because she positioned herself against the war early enough and has not accepted any engagements in Russia since the outbreak of the war.

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It may be a bit cynical in this context to claim that public distancing is nothing more than public separations – and we know from last week’s reviews that they are only interesting if they leave room for interpretation. Therefore, last but not least, a phrase about ending well, but far from everything well.

The rude joker Oliver Pocher and his wife Amira go separate ways. But only on paper. They want to continue the joint podcast “Die Pochers”, in which they also announced the end of the relationship. It is not known what it will be called. With this in mind: See you next week and leave us a review.

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