The primary election is a torment for the regime

The primary election is a torment for the regime

In the primary election of October 22, 2023, vote for the candidate of your choice, for any of them, but vote.

“The true results of the negotiations derive from a realistic evaluation of the situations of absolute and relative power of the contending groups. What can Democrats do to ensure that a minimum of their claims are not denied? What can dictators do to stay in control of power and neutralize the democrats? In other words, if an agreement is reached, it will most likely be the result of the estimate that each party makes of the power capacity of both”. Gene Sharp

To date, what has been prophesied by some analysts and political leaders regarding the pros and cons of the primary election set for the selection on October 22 of the presidential candidate of the opposition forces who will later go to the race has been fulfilled almost perfectly. presidential election provided for in the law for the year 2024. Among the positive predictions, it was pointed out that this elective method was a way to get more than 85% of Venezuelans who aspire with haste out of despair, drowsiness, and lethargy. to get out of the regime headed by Nicolás Maduro. The primary went from being a reason for conflict, a diatribe, as an electoral method for the opposition forces, to a torture that torments the leadership of the little that remains of Chavismo-Madurismo to insomnia. Given this context, we believe that with the search for consensus and political dialogue we will be able to advance in the construction of an agenda that contributes to satisfying the great needs of the citizenry. There is an axiom or principle that points out that without dialogue or the search for consensus, democracy is not a possibility; Paradoxically comes to represent a failed aspiration, thrown into the ravine.

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In spite of everything, we know that conflicts between people or institutions constitute a fact of the relations between human beings and their behavior in society. For Gene Sharp: “Conflicts are an expression of the disagreements and/or differences that coexist in them. The human being endowed with intelligence, freedom and imagination, looks for mechanisms of solution to these conflicts that, in one way or another, appear in all orders of social events.

I am one of those who defends the fact that the opposition, political parties, organized civil society, journalists, columnists, analysts, including businessmen, have fought to restore democracy and rescue the values ​​offended by the bandits. In other words, we must not ignore, exclude from the context, that society is too weak to cause problems for the dictatorship; wealth and power are concentrated in very few hands. So, for example, the international economic boycott, the embargoes, the breaking of diplomatic relations, the expulsion of the government from international organizations, can contribute somewhat. But, without forgetting, according to Sharp, that if there is no strong internal resistance movement, such actions are unlikely to occur.

When you want to bring down a dictatorship with the greatest effectiveness and at the least cost, you must undertake these four tasks:

  • The oppressed population must be strengthened in their determination to fight, their self-confidence and their abilities to resist.
  • Social groups and independent institutions of the oppressed people must be strengthened.
  • A powerful internal resistance force must be created; and
  • A comprehensive and thoughtful global strategic plan for liberation must be developed and skillfully executed. A struggle for liberation and internal strengthening by supporting each other. Strengthen the weakest, group and organize.
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Consequently, these four points enclose what you will need to win the primary on October 22; but, in addition, it is the magic formula to rise to power and survive the attacks that will come from defeated socialism: unity, participation, agreements, conventions, political negotiations inward and outward, understanding. If not, prepare to die in the spring…

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