The prices of bags and shoes are witnessing a significant increase during the current period, as the prices of shoes have increased by between 10 and 15% according to the piece, during the last period, due to many reasons, the most important of which is the increase in raw materials globally by about 30% so far, in addition to the increase in shipping to 15 thousand dollars per container. One, according to Sherif Yehia, head of the shoes division at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce.

Bags and shoes prices

Yahya indicated that the majority of production requirements are imported from China, the most important of which are artificial leather, the raw material for gum and the raw material used in the manufacture of slippers, and the price of the shipping container has risen to 15,000 dollars, and if the increase in the prices of raw materials and shipping continues, it is natural and expected a new increase in the prices of finished products.

The head of the Footwear Division of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce added that the sales volume is weak this year, and that during the pre-school period, sales were booming due to discounts on products at the Ahlan Madras exhibition, but prices in shops decreased during that period by 15% compared to last year, demanding that There is a view of production inputs that are imported from abroad, because traders and manufacturers do not want the price of the final product to rise, because it stagnates.

And shipping prices have witnessed increases since the beginning of the Corona virus crisis and the movement of trade has stopped, but since the end of last November it has recorded a great rise that reached record levels, causing a global crisis in the field of shipping, and with the beginning of the Corona virus crisis, the government allocated 100 billion pounds to face the repercussions of the crisis, and the bank decided The Central Bank cut interest rates by 3%, and postponed loan repayments for a period of 6 months.

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