The price of the dollar today June 6, 2021 in Mexico

The dollar in Mexico is trading with a price official of 19.9470 It is Sunday June 06, 2021, day they are celebrated elections to renew the lower house and other levels of government.

Price of the dollar today

Today, the banks conventional are closed. To buy or sell dollars you can go to the exchange houses in the country, or failing that, to one of these options:

  • Coppel buys at 19.29 and sale at 20.34
  • Banco Azteca buys at 19.00 and sale at 19.99

Source: Oink Oink

Thus, the peso closed on Friday with an advance by the dollar weakness, after the figures on employment in the United States showed that they are about below expectation. However, the pthat closed a negative week in the exchange rate, equivalent to 0.11% from its price last week.

The investors are concerned that the rapid recovery of the US economy will force the Federal Reserve (Fed) to change their monetary policy, forcing them to stop the monetary issue or the cycle of low interest rates.

Source: Oink Oink

Job creation is slowing down due to the lack of workers and not to the lack of available jobs. It is expected that in the coming months retrieve the labor market, driving the dollar higher.

The behavior of the exchange rate for this week will depend on the results of the elections of this Sunday. Both national and international markets will be attentive to whether Brunette retains most in the Chamber of Deputies, factor that could bring additional pressures on the exchange rate.

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