When starting operations, the price of dollar The United States is trading this Monday, July 26, at an average of 22.50 for sale and at 22.02 pesos for purchase at exchange offices located at the “Benito Juárez” International Airport in Mexico City.

He exchange rate at the window is at 22.55 pesos for sale at BBVA México, while Banamex offers the dollar at 22.68 pesos and Banorte in 22.50 units.

Banco Azteca is the financial institution in Mexico that offers the cheapest dollar price, at 23.00 pesos for sale, according to ElDolar.info. For its part, the bank that buys the most expensive green note is Monex, at 23.88 pesos.

Bank dollar-peso exchange rate table

Bank dollar-peso exchange rate table

Peso-dollar parity

Meanwhile, to make obligations payments in official institutions, the peso-dollar exchange rate is valued at 22.36 Mexican pesos. In the SAT the dollar is valued at 22.38.

From Reuters they report that the currency of the second largest economy in Latin America, the Mexican peso closes the week with a price of 22.16. The currency is listed in Banco Base at 22.76.

The Mexican peso is advancing moderately, after a negative streak of five sessions, as investors await the policy decision of the United States Federal Reserve (Fed), as well as economic growth data in the United States and Mexico.

Banco Base indicated in a report that despite the optimism in the exchange rate at the beginning of the week, particularly in the capital market, “losses continue to be observed in the commodities market, evidence that demand expectations for these assets remain downward. ”

Average price of the peso-dollar parity in Mexico

Average price of the peso-dollar parity in Mexico

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The euro was sold at the window for a maximum of 27.42 pesos, while the purchase is at 26.90 pesos; the pound sterling was offered at 31.00 pesos and was purchased at 31.81 pesos.