The preventive measures that will be in force until June 13

The Ministries of Government and Justice and of Health issued the joint resolution by which the preventive measures that will govern in Chubut are established from 0 on Monday until Sunday, June 13, inclusive.

The resolution carries the numbers 201 of the Ministry of Government and 130 of the Ministry of Health, and establishes the towns and cities in which there will be face-to-face classes, as well as the hours enabled for gastronomic establishments and ratifies the closure of casinos and gambling halls. .

The first article provides the locations where there will be presence in the teaching of classes, in public and private educational establishments of all levels and modalities, respecting the physical distancing and the sanitary security and hygiene measures established in the corresponding protocols.

The 27 localities in which there will be presence are: July 28, Aldea Apeleg, Aldea Beleiro, Camarones, Corcovado, Dique Ameghino, Dolavon, El Escorial, El Mirasol, Facundo, Gaiman, Gan Gan, Gastre, Gualjaina, White Lake, Lake Rosario, Lagunita Salada, Las Plumas, Los Altares, Paso de Indios, Paso del Sapo, Puerto Pirámides, Rawson, Río Mayo, Tecka, Telsen and Yala Laubat.

In Trelew, Comodoro Rivadavia and Puerto Madryn, face-to-face teaching in public and private educational establishments will reach the Initial Level and the first cycle of the Primary Level.

In the other towns and cities of Chubut, educational activities will be developed accompanying and strengthening the teaching and learning process from virtuality and non-face-to-face formats.


Article 2 provides for the suspension of presence in cultural, religious, tourist, recreational, social, group sports and contact activities.

Individual sports or those that allow maintaining physical distancing and appropriate sanitary measures are enabled throughout the provincial territory.

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Presence in the Public Administration, autonomous and decentralized organized entities, is kept suspended, except those that are summoned to guarantee necessary and essential activities required by higher authorities. Agents who are not summoned must provide services with the remote work modality.

In addition, the municipal authorities of the localities with high epidemiological risk or situation of epidemiological and sanitary alarm are invited to apply similar measures to those arranged in that regard.


The qualification of high epidemiological risk or situation of epidemiological and health alarm is also ratified in the departments of Biedma, Rawson, Escalante, Sarmiento, Río Senguer, Futaleufú, Cushamen and Languiñeo.


The gastronomic establishments (restaurants, bars, among others) will be enabled to operate between 6 and 19 in strict compliance with the protocols established for the sector, and between 19 and 23 under the modality of shifts and in strict compliance with the current protocols .

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