The president of Young Engaged Ismaël Nuino arrives at the City of Brussels: “I want to prove myself”

The president of Young Engaged Ismaël Nuino arrives at the City of Brussels: “I want to prove myself”


A Carolo to relaunch Les Engagés training at the City of Brussels? It’s like being back in the days of Joëlle Milquet. The comparison ends there… for now. The president of the Young Engaged (Engaged Generation) Ismaël Nuino does not yet plan to raise his political training to 14/15% in Brussels. However, he does not lack ambition. Settled in Brussels for two years as part of his law studies, this young Carolo (22 years old) immersed in politics since he was 17 will be on the Les Engagés list at the City of Brussels, for the municipal elections therefore. And on the list for the regional elections.

Bring Les Engagés in the majority back to the City of Brussels? “Why not. It is arithmetically possible. Challenge is in the majority with three seats. We have two (with the CD&V).“Ambition, humility too. Ismaël Nuino promises it. He will do ground, lots of ground. To make themselves known, of course, but also to listen to the inhabitants of Brussels. “I do not claim any place on the lists. I know that I still represent nothing politically in Brussels. I want to prove myself. At the City, the group leader is Didier Wauters and he does a remarkable job, recognized by everyone.”

A music lover – he plays the piano and the violin, learned at the Charleroi academy -, Ismaël Nuino is also a seasoned sportsman, 2nd dan black belt in karate, which he still practices regularly. He also says he is a fan of gaming: League of Legends, Fifa, Sin City, Call of Duty have no more secrets for him. Also very present on social networks, Instagram and Tweetch in the lead.

“Taxing millionaires, Proud to be liberal… It doesn’t mean anything”

His interest in politics came from a personal failure. “I wanted to do medicine, I failed the entrance exam because of the ’empathy’ part. I had succeeded in everything else. I did not understand this decision. I educated myself, read laws and understood the impact that politics can have on people’s lives.” Engineer father and social worker mother at the CPAS in Charleroi, he entered the political arena at the age of 17. Why Committed? “It’s the party in which I find myself the most, without agreeing 100% with everything. I was seduced by the nuance offered by Les Engagés. This path of balance, which does not fight just for its electorate – the independents, the precarious, etc. – but for the common good, the good of all. “Tax the millionaires”, “Proud to be liberal”, etc. These slogans mean nothing, harm politics.”

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Enough cash on social networks, the young man willingly attacks the MR and its president Georges-Louis Bouchez. “I’m tired of seeing this party hit everyone, criticize everything. I see a drift very to the right, dangerous for democracy. More broadly, he again denounces the fact that “parties spend more time shooting each other in the leg than building a better future, together.” Without jargon, therefore, but already seasoned in the political game…

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