The Pope will not receive Pompeo in the middle of the electoral campaign and the position with China

Vatican City.

Pope Francis will not receive the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, who is visiting Italy next week, as it would be a gesture that could interfere in the electoral campaign but that coincides with the criticism americans to the approach of the Holy See a China.

Francisco, who already received Pompey in October of last year, he did not receive political personalities during political campaigns, to avoid any kind of instrumentalization before the next elections in the United States between the Republican Donald Trump and the democrat Joe Biden.

However, Biden will meet with the Secretary of State and Vatican number 2, Pietro Parolin and to the secretary for relations with state, Paul Gallagher.

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On his visit to Italy on September 29 and 30 Pompey will intervene in the Embassy of the United States at the symposium organized by the Holy See on the advancement and defense of religious freedom through diplomacy, scheduled for September 30.

In the Secretary of state Yes, it will discuss one of the thorniest issues that have led to a distancing in the relations between United States and the Vatican: the approach of the Holy See Y China.

A few days ago, the US Secretary of State used an article in the magazine “First Things“to urgently invite the pope not to renew the agreement with Beijing which has governed relations in the last two years, with special reference to the appointment of bishops.

The choice of this magazine was not accidental, because it is a publication with a strong presence of religious information. His founder, Richard John Neuhaus, was a Lutheran pastor who later converted to Catholicism and shortly after was ordained a priest by Juan Pablo II and was also an advisor to George W. Bush and has very critical positions with this pontificate.

The article was published on the eve of the expiration of the agreement and now the Vatican and China They have one month to complete a two-year renewal, but the Holy See will have no problem renewing it.

In the article, Pompeo questions the agreement and says why, in his opinion, the Holy See should renounce it as it would jeopardize his moral authority if he renewed it. An interference that has not liked in the Vatican, according to some media.

The Cardinal Secretary of State declared a few days ago that the common intentions were to continue with its renovation.

The agreement lays down the rules for the ordination of bishops, but it is a first step to establish a direct dialogue with China and to establish future diplomatic relations with China, which were interrupted in 1951.

On Pompeo’s agenda in Rome, a meeting with Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and Minister of Exteriors, Luigi Di Maio, “to discuss the bilateral relationship between the United States and Italy, the responses COVID-19 and our efforts to confront shared security threats and promote regional stability, “an official statement read.