Kirill Kokorin, the younger brother of Fiorentina striker Alexander Kokorin, spoke about why the police detained him.

Earlier it became known that Kokorin Jr. was arrested in a state of severe alcohol intoxication after a fight with employees of a Moscow restaurant, who refused to let him into the institution without a special QR code.

He and his friend also tried to get to the place where there was a direct line with the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, he called the police rogues. Kokorina fined 4 thousand rubles for disobeying the police

“What the media wrote about that incident is not true. Therefore, I would like to tell you how it was.

I was with my friend, we drove up to the hotel. At the entrance, my friend was told that there was no way to go there. He asked why it was impossible to drive to the hotel if there was a room there.

They didn’t let him in, they talked for a couple of minutes. They said to go from here. My friend replied: “Is that how you can talk to a citizen?” After that, he was insulted.

I got out of the car and started filming with my phone. Then came, so to speak, “police” and my friend began to wring up. I asked them why they were breaking him, and in response I heard that you cannot shoot video here.

They broke me too, and took away my phone. There was no scuffle or fight, everything else is fictional stories. There was no particular conversation, we were laid up and taken to the department.

It turns out that we arrived at the department due to the fact that I got out of the car and started filming a video, where it is clear that my friend is being treated unfairly.

I was given an administrative fine, which is formulated as follows – “a fine for disobeying a legal request from the police.” Although no one demanded anything from me.

They told me to put the phone away. Well, can’t I shoot a video? That’s all. As a result, I was fined 4 thousand rubles. The court was closed and we paid for everything, ”said Kokorin.