The photographer is suing Capcom for $ 12 million for using her photos in video games

A photographer has sued Capcom, accusing the Japanese video game giant of infringing its copyright by using its images extensively in bestselling video games.

ribbed Reports that Judy A. Juracek filed her first lawsuit in Connecticut State Court yesterday.

Juracek is a publishing designer and photographer Several books with images of various surfaces to serve as a visual research resource for artists, architects and designers.

The 1996 book (and accompanying CD) is at the center of this lawsuit entitled surfaces, the description states that it “provides more than 1,200 vivid color representations of surface textures – wood, stone, marble, brick, stucco, stucco, aggregate, metal, tile and glass – that can be used in your designs, presentations or photos Background or for general visual information. “

In its lawsuit against Capcom, Juracek alleges that the company never contacted it to obtain a license to use its images commercially, and that the company used many of its images to add environments, details, and even logos in games such as games Resident Evil 4 And the Devil May Cry. The photographer has found at least 80 images used in Capcom games and over 200 alleged violations have been documented Mega-Court Deposit It spans 147 pages.

A promotional image for Resident Evil 4 containing an alleged infringement.

Figure A for the lawsuit relates to the primary logo used for the Resident Evil 4 title, which appears to use details of a broken pane of glass that is in. is shown surfaces.

Figure (A) in the litigation between Judy A. Jura and Capcom. Snapshot through court documents.

“[G]Since around 80 or more images of Juracek appear in RESIDENT EVIL and the primary branding / logo of RESIDENT EVIL uses a specific broken glass pattern that matches Juracek’s photo taken in Italy, as well as the interior design of the palace door that does not reach the public, it’s hard it is conceivable that an exact reproduction would be possible through independent creativity ”, it says in the lawsuit. “Specifically, it is hard to imagine that Juracek in Italy would capture an image of broken glass and an interior door design of a palace and that Capcom artist” would reproduce the same exact pattern for broken glass in logo and interior door design without using Juracek imagery . “

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Juracek says it received additional confirmation of Capcom’s privacy breach in November 2020, in which a ransomware hacking group stole 1TB of sensitive data. When Capcom decided not to pay the ransom, the group started sharing data online. These leaked files contained many identical image file names that were used in the surfacesCompanion CD.

The lawsuit states that “the filenames of at least one of the images from the hacked Capcom files are the same as the filenames used on the CD.” For example, the filename of a metal texture image from the CD is ‘ME009’ and Capcom saved ME009 in its files with this name and Capcom has used this image in its games.

ME009, image file cited in the Capcom data link 2020. As can be seen from the court file.

Here are a few more examples of the alleged infringement highlighted in the lawsuit:

Stained glass window.
Brick textures and patterns.
Ornate wall design.

Juracek is asking the court to award their actual damages, dividends, design damages, and (possibly) statutory damages, which can total $ 12 million or more (up to $ 150,000 for each of the 80 violations plus legal fees).

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