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The photo of the bathroom of a TransLink bus driver with microwave becomes viral

A photo that circulates on social media this weekend shows a microwave hooked up two feet from a toilet in a bathroom dedicated to North Vancouver bus drivers.

TranLink has confirmed to Daily Hive that this photo was taken at a facility owned by Coast Mountain Bus Company (CMBC) in North Vancouver, but states that the placement of the microwave is not sanctioned by the employer.

"The supervisors removed the microwave several times, but the staff continues to put it back in place. To be clear, CMBC did not install these toilets with a microwave oven, and CMBC also does not intend to cook food in the toilet, "said spokesman TransLink, Ben Murphy.

This is of course what happens as bus services and SeaBus buses in the greater Vancouver area face increasing disruption due to labor disputes, as the two sides can not break the stalemate. wages, benefits and working conditions.

With regard to working conditions, Unifor, the union representing workers, stated that drivers needed adequate recovery time (washroom and meal time), which takes due account of bus delays. due to increasing road congestion.

ubc bus exchange

The lounge in the new facility for bus drivers of the UBC bus exchange. (Translink)

Murphy stated that CMBC currently provides a total of 53 facilities for bus drivers to use the washrooms or to spend rest time along the system. Most of these facilities are located at the end of the course, most of which have sitting areas and only a few toilets.

The newest center is located in UBC's newly completed bus terminal, one of the busiest bus loops in the region, where a glass building similar to a pavilion for bus drivers includes a lounge relatively spacious and reserved toilets.

ubc bus exchange

Washrooms inside the new facility for bus drivers at the UBC bus station. (Translink)

It is planned to provide similar facilities to operators located elsewhere on the bus network. For example, TransLink plans to build a new bus terminal at Steveston, which could possibly include dedicated lounge and toilet facilities for bus drivers. However, this new bus exchange is lagging after Richmond City Council decided last summer to reject TransLink's proposal to use city-owned land for the project.

TransLink is currently renting a property in Steveston to provide bus drivers with washrooms in the area.

"CMBC is constantly looking for new locations to install or lease facilities for operators, especially now that the system is expanding," Murphy said.

ubc bus exchange

The new glass roof of the recently built UBC bus station is a lounge and washroom for bus drivers. (Kenneth Chan / Daily Hive)


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