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Although he acknowledged that he will denounce Gustavo Sofovich for the decision, little by little he turns the page and last night he could be seen on the screen of TN speaking of politics. To everyone’s surprise, he defeated Cambiemos and became news for an intimate photo that was taken of him on the channel.

Horacio Cabak tries to silence everyone

Horacio Cabak was kicked out of “Controversy at the Bar.”

Osvaldo Bazán found him urinating in the urinal and took a selfie with him in the background. The image did not take long to go viral. Of course, the critics did not wait, since users assured that it is an intimate moment.


Osvaldo Bazán scratched Cabak.

Osvaldo Bazán scratched Cabak.

The former model has been in real chaos in recent weeks. His wife found him conversations with other women and kicked him out of the house. The scandal had a national impact and was badly affected. His intention is to recover his family, but until now his Verónica Soldato forgave him and agreed to give him another chance.


Soldato had three children with Horacio Cabak.

Soldato had three children with Horacio Cabak.

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