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Andrea Delogu she enjoys the summer with her boyfriend Luigi Bruno. The couple decided to spend a few days in the Maldives, without giving up keeping their fans updated. In the photos spread on Instagram, the Rai presenter and the model frame the same landscapes and more. In fact, the shots that see them completely without clothes are discussed: she is taken in the pool with her leg covering her private parts and with her hands on her breasts, and he from the back, in the shower.

San Patrignano?  Because in a certain sense it is my home: the touching story of Andrea Delogu

“I took a vacation at the last moment and came to the Maldives, it was always a wish of mine“Delogu herself confessed. Together with her, as mentioned, her boyfriend. The two have been together for several months. A relationship that has caused quite a stir given the difference in age, she is 40 years old and he is 23.

“He’s young, but I’m fit. I still have breath to arrive late at night. I go to the gym, it makes me eat healthy, it’s fun, and if you knew how beautiful it is in a costume “, he had confided to Very true. On the other hand, the presenter lets the criticisms slip on her and replies: “Because the company has to put me on in the condition of being ashamed to be linked to an extraordinary person? We’re out of our minds. ”

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