The Philadelphia Sixers’ strategy to slow Trae Young

For his great playoff debut, Bring young caused a sensation. The Atlanta Hawks point guard was a big contributor to his team’s “easy” first-round victory over the New York Knicks. He was also the architect of success against the Philadelphia Sixers in the opening of the Conference semifinals. He is currently running at more than 30 points and almost 10 assists per night.

Slowing it down is obviously the priority for Doc Rivers and its players. He would like to send his potential DPOY, the Australian, on a mission. Ben Simmons.

“We like the idea of ​​having Ben on Trae. Trae is very good at causing fouls. We have to be careful of that. Sometimes there was a fault. Other times, he sold the contact very well. But if Ben is authorized to defend on him, yes, I am for, ”says the coach.

Rivers chooses his words well. He has the experience. He knows full well how his statement can put pressure on the NBA and on the referees. The message is clear: don’t be fooled by Trae Young and let Simmons play physical on him. With his body and athleticism, the Sixers winger could put his opponent in trouble.

“He’s smart and he’s not personal,” Ben Simmons notes of Trae Young. “I respect him a lot. But I fully intend to be able to play a little more physically and see if the referees let us do a little. “

Same tactics. In the end, the Sixers have a plan that is certainly based on the qualities of their second best player but also on the ballast that the referees will leave him …

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