The personnel carousel turns in the district office

The personnel carousel turns in the district office

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Von: Veronika Ahn-Tauchnitz


Important posts become vacant in the Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen district office.

Important posts become vacant in the Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen district office. © Pröhl/A

Ulrich Reiner’s announcement in the district youth committee caused some dismay. The head of the Office for Youth and Family resigns. And it’s not the only change pending in the district office.

Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen – Ulrich Reiner used the “Notices” item at the district youth committee meeting on Monday afternoon to make an announcement: “For personal reasons I will probably be retiring early next year.” The exact time has not yet been determined . The earliest is March 2024 in the room. Heading the department “I really enjoyed it for 14 years,” emphasized Reiner. It was the workplace with the greatest challenges for him, but also one with the greatest joy.

There was silence in the boardroom after the announcement. “I was also silent in shock when I heard it for the first time,” admitted third District Administrator Klaus Koch, who chaired the meeting on Monday. “I wish now all the more that we can still use the remaining time constructively.”

Big problems in Geretsried: employees are missing

The position of head of the youth welfare office is by no means the only one that needs to be filled. In fact, there have been gaps in social pedagogues in the social area in Mitte (Geretsried) for some time. Here, district politics even approved 2.5 new jobs in order to be able to meet the challenges. “But we haven’t managed to fill these positions in three years,” said Reiner. In the process, more than 20 advertisements were made and countless recruitment procedures went through. But the result of the youngest was “very sobering,” said Reiner. Social work is demanding. Anyone who comes fresh from the university usually has to be trained for up to a year. “It’s a difficult task,” said Reiner. “That’s why we always had the situation that colleagues resigned during the probationary period.”

Ulrich Reiner, head of the youth welfare office

Ulrich Reiner, head of the youth welfare office © TK

Now two more employees are leaving the team in the social room in the middle. One is retiring, another is moving away. “The team will then only be occupied by 48 percent – and the rest is at the limit,” said Reiner. This also means “that we can no longer keep the quality that we promise”. You are forced to set priorities. Of course, the top priority is always to prevent children from being endangered. However, this also means that families who have less serious problems “sometimes do not receive any advice for weeks”.

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Müller: “This is not good news”

Now there are considerations to distribute responsibilities differently within the team. This may make it possible to employ career changers in some less sensitive areas.

“This is not good news,” summarized the district council and Geretsrieder Mayor Michael Müller (CSU). Of course, the shortage of skilled workers affects all areas. “But we may have to think about whether our jobs are still attractive.” Here, under certain circumstances, one has to think about new models and approaches – keyword “New Work”.

René Beysel, head of the main office

René Beysel, Main Office Manager © Sabine Hermsdorf-Hiss

Incidentally, another management position in the district office will have to be filled much earlier than the position of head of the youth welfare office: René Beysel, who has been the head of the main office for many years – is responsible for the district’s construction projects and properties – will be leaving in the middle of the year, as the press office confirms on request. The position is already advertised. The application deadline is May 15th.

You can find even more current news from the region around at Tölz.

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