Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Mauricio Macri and Patricia Bullrich

The Pensar Foundation once again holds its national meeting. For the first time since December 2019, when Cambiemos ceased to be a government, the think tank of the PRO meets with the different venues spread throughout the country and the chosen place is Córdoba.

As explained from the entity, the objective of the meeting is “to share good practices and progress in the design of public policies with teams from all provinces, members of technical tables and the national team.” But there will also be time for politics.

Separated, and each with a different role, the former president Mauricio Macri; the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, and the holder of the PRO, Patricia bullrich, will be present – remotely – at the meeting, that begins today and ends tomorrow night. As this is an event typical of the “yellow” party, many of the speakers are former officials of the administration of Change in the Casa Rosada.

Franco Moccia, Minister of Urban Development of Buenos Aires
Franco Moccia, Minister of Urban Development of Buenos Aires

Bullrich will be in charge of closing the day today, which will have three thematic axes. The first will be public policies to reduce poverty, whose panelists are Eduardo Amadeo, María Migliore, Eduardo Levy Yeyati and Leandro Leyenda Trejo. The second is dedicated to employment and investments: keys to economic growth, where the speakers will be the businessmen Francisco Gismondi, Martín Echegoyen, Pablo Lavigne, Silvia Scorza, Cecilia Dibenedetti, Mauricio Basso.

And, finally, on a more macroeconomic level, the panel entitled “Tools to restore fiscal and monetary balance.” In this case, those in charge of speaking will be the former Minister of Economy Hernán Lacunza, together with Marcelo Capello, Maximiliano Castillo, Oscar Cetrángolo, Maria Castiglioni.

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The opening of the second day is reserved for Rodriguez Larreta. The Buenos Aires president will speak for fifteen minutes, before 9 o’clock, and then he will start the day that contains the last two panels.

Hernán Lacunza
Hernán Lacunza

The first of them is the one that refers to “Challenges for the education of the future” whose speakers will be Morena Rosello, Guillermina Tiramonti, Maria Belen Mende, Gisela Gómez, Mercedes Sanguinetti; and the second and last called “Strategies for efficient communication” where the podium will be occupied by Alberto Fohrig, Guillermo Oliveto, Julio Montero.

At the end of these two panels, former president Mauricio Macri will take the floor, who will then give way to the closing of the event entrusted to the president of the Pensar Foundation, Franco Moccia.

Moccia himself explained to Infobae that this meeting what you are looking for is “Generate and discuss tools for management and doing so with the national board and representatives of the provinces.” Although he assures that the choice of the province has to do with that “it is halfway so that everyone can get there by car”, no one is aware that the province is the stronghold outside the City of Buenos Aires where it is best the PRO in the elections and where its leaders best measure across General Paz.

“The intention is to repeat the national meeting in March next year in another province”, Moccia said. Asked whether in addition to technical aspects there will be a markedly political speech, the president of the Pensar Foundation did not hesitate to point out that “everything we do is political, this is the foundation of the PRO and what we do is work on public policy tools so that they can be applied in the government ”.

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