Basketball World Cup 2019

Spain, with the ticket secured for the Tokyo Games, will be seen with the ocean on Friday for a place in the final

The Australian Aron Baynes, during the match against Czech Republic.

Spainbe in theTokyo OlympicsAnd it's not ballad. There are very important teams that still have to win it. It's a source of pride, admitSergio Scariolonothing more to know the good news, also to avoid a pre-Olympic that would have been a nightmare, there for June. Only the US and Australia have been present since Sydney 2000, like Spain, that monopolize two unforgettable silvers and the bronze of courage in Ro in the last stops of the journey.

Because the appointment next summer be special, with a farewell flavor all overPau Gasol, who knows if even professional basketball. The selection was achieved by their own merits, along with France as their European companion after the bombing against the US and Australia's victory over the Czech Republic, which leaves theaussiesas rivals this Friday in Pekn for a spot in the grand final on Sunday.

They will be seen in the national team with a tough opponent. And with very recent pending accounts. In Ro, on a heart attack night,Claver les birl the bronzethree summers ago practically in the last play. Before a group also undefeated so far in the World Cup, he warned of his power defeating the United States in preparation, and that this Wednesday was only 25 minutes of equality against the Czech Republic. With a devil at the controls:Patty millsHe destroyed the Czechs with six triples. He is the top scorer of a selection – and the tournament counting the teams with something at stake, 22.2 points on average – with towers likeAndrew Bogut,Aaron BaynesYJock landale, with total players likeJoe Inglesand off-road soldiers likeDellavedova, with shooters likeGoulding… A collective that is known by heart and who did not even make a dent in the resignation of itsvedette.

WhenBen SimmonsHe announced that he would focus on his team after signing the expansion contract with the Sixers, he didn't feel too well. Less when I know how to get in the car of several of the friendly preparation matches, the two against the USA included. To the extent thatAndrej Lemanis, the coach, had to come out in his defense. Ben is the target of the attacks because he now has this superstar status. It's over with Bogut. They want to represent their country and they want to play. There is a lot of pressure and they have to manage their careers and make important decisions. We support them 100%. Ben Simmons is doing what is best for him at this time in his career. Everyone had Tokyo 2020 in mind.

"They exceed us in size, size, physical dimension"

They exceed us in size, in size, in the physical dimension of the players, especially in weight and physical strength of the greats, Scariolo pointed out about Australia, who for the first time in its history fight for the medals. And then: With many NBAs, an experienced coach … But we have the peace of mind that gives us the qualification for the Games. And with the spike that makes a gold shine at the bottom, as real as it is tangible. Because if it seemed like chimera, with ogres along the way, Serbia and the US disappeared from the stage.

Perhaps the oceanic emerge as a third option, but there they are already paired with Spain, also with any of the other two semifinalists. Earthly equipment that allows soar. We are going to empty because we are facing a unique opportunity, he confessedMarc Gasol, who, like the rest of the team, enjoyed the only free day of the entire tournament in Shanghai, before leaving this Thursday for Pekn with his suitcase full of dreams. Who will tell us a month and a half ago that we will be in the semifinals?

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