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Without a doubt the dollar It is the most famous and important currency in the world. During this year the impact than the dollar can have in countries that are in full development, such as Peru, where the price of the dollar has reached historical prices due to the ravages of the pandemic and the political instability of the country.

Regarding the fame of the dollar, there is an amount that does not go unnoticed by everyone who owns it, it is the 2 dollar bill, which is quite difficult to find.

This bill became very popular in the world, as rumors and sayings about it grew and according to several people, luck came into their lives when they had a two-dollar bill in their possession.

So strong have been the rumors that documentaries were made about him, one of them is “The Two Dollar Bill Documentary” or in Spanish, “Documentary of the 2 Dollar Bill”, created by the American John Bennardo.


Let’s learn a little more about the history of this banknote. Its first impression was in 1862 and inside it had the image of Alexander Hamilton, who was the first Secretary of the Treasury of the United States.

Then in 1869, the bill underwent a design makeover and Hamilton would be left behind, taking his place (on the bill), former President Thomas Jefferson, whose image remains to this day.

However, the The issuance of this note (US $ 2) has suffered paralysis throughout history, as there was a time when too many 1 and 2 dollar bills were printed and the most used was the $ 1, leaving aside its predecessor. After that came the Great Depression (1929) and therefore its use decreased much more. Over time people were already used to using other names and therefore stopped being printed.

With this, it was becoming uncommon to see this type of banknote in circulation and superstition was already beginning and space.


Thus, in the 60s, the astronaut John Gleenen, made an orbital flight. The ground support wrapped around the cables of the spacecraft $ 2 bills, which were wrapped with good luck wishes. Thus begins to take shape the belief of good fortune associated with the banknote.

In 1976 they were reprinted as part of the celebration of United States independence (it was two centuries old). Of course, it was taken into account that the quantity to be printed is minimal due to its low use.

In the new millennium, to be more exact in the 2003, the United States Federal Reserve (FRB) has reprinted this denomination but in low amounts.

Until 2007 it was known that they had $ 1.5 million in two-dollar bills in circulation.

One of the figures who caused a stir by claiming to be a staunch believer of this denomination It was President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who in his own words announced that the $ 2 bill is his lucky charm, Well, a “countryman” gave it to him in the United States.


Collectors in Peru give a special value to this ticket and that is why if you do not have one but want to have it, when entering the different purchase and sale marketplaces you will find that the prices are around S / 100 soles or more. If you want a collection, the cost is around S / 300 soles to S / 5000 soles, depending on the number of tickets.

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Many people were lucky, but there are also other people who did not. So you can draw your own conclusions


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