The 'peak season is coming': think now about your communication strategy for Q4

The 'peak season is coming': think now about your communication strategy for Q4

Yes, we know that it is June, that we are looking forward to stepping on the sea and that September is still a bit far away. However, In communication, planning is the key to success and, to achieve it, we are forced to live in the future.

If you dedicate yourself to the universe of ecommerce you will know very well that Q4 (October-December) is the strongest in terms of sales because we are surrounded by the most attractive campaigns of the year for consumers: Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, Christmas and, even, we can extend the season a little more. quarter with the winter sales.

In order for all these moments to materialize in good results, you must be critical, analyzing where you are, and knowing what you need to achieve your objective, be it: launching successfully, obtaining more visibility or creating engagement with your buyers. Either way, It is essential to have a presence in the media and be in the right places to reach those prospects what are you looking for. Here we propose some strategies.

Forge an Editorial Calendar

In order to obtain a presence in the media, it is essential to communicate strategically and, to achieve this, forging an editorial content calendar is essential. Not only should you find the right topics to make an impact on your target audience, in a few months in which most of your competition will talk about similar topics, you must find an approach that differentiates you from the rest in order to have a place in the media agenda.

Invest in some of branded

It is important to anticipate that during the months of October to December, the media will be full of information and will give priority to those brands that have invested in branded, advertising or sponsorships. Before investing, Study each medium to the millimeter to find out which is the best option and create a calendar that doses the publications of sponsored contentsince launching everything in a short period of time can be counterproductive for your image.

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Presence at events

Whether you dedicate yourself to B2B or B2C, you have to take into account that during these months of the year some of the most important events for the ecommerce. Being in them will not only give you visibility and brand awareness but it will enable you to open new business opportunities and meet other agents on the spot who could help you promote your product. Yes indeed, Before attending, you should study if that event is really your place, in what capacity you should attend and compare budgets to obtain a good return.

Communicating strategically is essential. Therefore, to face Q4, from Adria we always recommend starting forge a traditional and digital PR strategy three months from now with the aim of reaching peak season having achieved the maximum possible presence, so that you only have to worry about maximizing sales and obtaining a good return.

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