The authorities investigating the femicide of Magalí Noelia Gómez, who on Monday was strangled, Agustin Ivan Perez, believe that the subject carried out the murder after a violent fight that was generated because he did not want the 27-year-old girl to go to his workplace.

The suspect, who works as a private security guard, assaulted the woman in a fit of jealousy, as he thought she had a lover. The corpse of the victim appeared in a ditch, in the Buenos Aires town of El Talar.

Spokesmen for the judicial department of San Isidro revealed to that apparently the 38-year-old man had a dispute with his partner because he did not want him to go to work at the Parque de la Costa property, located in the district of Tigre.

According to what was stated by the informants, it is presumed that the individual considered that the girl was actually going to take advantage of the outing to see an alleged lover.

Versions provided by witnesses maintain that Pérez frequently recriminated the woman for this reason.

Gómez was found murdered, at 9 on Monday, in a ditch located on the corner of 25 de Mayo and Las Violetas, in the La Paloma neighborhood, in El Talar.

Regarding the place of the crime, it was said at first that Pérez, who worked in a private security agency, carried out the homicide while he was with the victim aboard a dark blue Fiat Siena, domain FQS101, although the police officers They do not rule out that the murder actually took place on the farm where the young woman lived, located in El Pensamiento in 1700, in that same area.

The suspect would have killed Magalí in a fit of jealousy.

After being arrested by the uniformed officers of the 6th police station in Tigre, the subject stated: “I got out of hand”.

Experts from the San Isidro Delegation of the Scientific Police inspected the interior of the home and the aforementioned car, at the same time that they were able to determine that the victim had signs of manual strangulation, several bruises on the body and injuries to the arms (which would be of a nature defensive).

Members of the Scientific Police carried out expert reports at the site of the discovery.

The suspect was found to have scratches on his neck and behind his ears.

Authorities from the Tigre Police Station were in charge of supervising the different procedures.

He intervened in the case, which was titled “Femicide”, the Tigre Gender Violence Thematic Unit, dependent on the San Isidro courts.

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