The paradoxical element that proves that Standard must try their luck more on goal

The paradoxical element that proves that Standard must try their luck more on goal

Sport Standard are the team in the top 8 who try their luck the least on goal, despite an above-average conversion rate. Four games from the end of the championship, the Rouches can no longer calculate and must try everything.

Full of ambition 10 days ago, Standard missed their start to Play-Offs 2 and practically said goodbye to Europe. On the first day, the Rouches shared the challenge against Cercle before losing to La Gantoise last weekend. While there are only four games left to play, the Buffalos are 5 points ahead of the Liégeois.

During these first two days, Standard did not show us the expected face. That of killer of big teams, of a dominant team at home and solid outside. There is also a striking statistic which demonstrates Standard’s lack of offensive production, a problem since the first day of the classic phase.

Among the teams qualified for the Play-Offs, Standard is the one that has tried its luck the least on goal (413 attempts since the start of the season). Eleventh in this ranking, the players of Ronny Deila are far from the first place occupied by FC Bruges (540) and their competitors in the Play-Offs 2 (504 for Ghent, 487 for the Cercle and 419 for Westerlo).

A regrettable statistic confirmed by shots on target where Standard is only 13th (144 shots on goal, Bruges has 212). However, Standard has the second best efficiency rate against goal in the championship (19%), behind Genk (23%). A statistic in which the Rouches are tied with Antwerp, Westerlo and the Union.

Paradoxically, Standard is effective in front of goal, but does not try its luck enough. Back to the wall and having nothing more to lose, the Rouches must capitalize on this quality and create more opportunities to try to start a crazy comeback in these Europe Play-Offs.

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