The painful last call of Diego Maradona to his brother Hugo

The last call between Hugo and Diego Maradona was on November 22, 2020. There were three days until Pelusa’s death, the day that would completely change the world, although the soccer star, in recovery after the head operation, still remained at home, where his environment had to take care of him.

That night, three days before his death, Diego Maradona picked up the phone and called Italy, called his brother Hugo Maradona, who died this Tuesday at the age of 52 as a result of cardiac arrest.

– Hello Hugo. Are you sleeping?

– And what do you think, Diego? Am I dancing at this time?

The The last dialogue between the Maradona brothers occurred on November 22, 2020, according to Hugo Maradona himself told the Corriere della Sera newspaper in Italy, where he had lived for years.

Hugo Maradona He lived in Naples – he even became part of the club that loves the last name Maradona – and in that last dialogue at dawn it took its toll on Diego for calling him in the middle of the morning.

The so-called between Maradona and his younger brother, the one who as a child defined him as a “marciano”, They were weekly, and many times at night, due to the time difference between Argentina and Italy.

The relationship between the Maradona brothers

In the last weeks of the life of Diego Maradona, however, the contacts were more worrying, because every time Hugo Maradona saw on his phone that he was calling Diego was startled, according to what he said.

Anyway, at the last call between the Maradona brothers there were jokes and laughter. Hugo told that Fluff He kept him awake for half an hour to tell him about the football games he hadn’t been able to watch.

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“I miss soccer,” Diego told his younger brother. “In a few days I will get well and come back to my life,” he also told her. Hugo asked him if he had planned to travel to Italy, and Diego replied: “We’ll see, maybe for Christmas.”

“Diego was serene, and if Diego that night had been wrong, he would have done everything so that I wouldn’t realize it.. He was like that, he didn’t want to bother. We are seven brothers and sisters, he called us all. But he was not talking about his problems. He never did. That is why I say, with great pain, that the truth about his last weeks is known only to him ”, Hugo said after Diego’s death.

The last meeting between Hugo and Diego Maradona It had been two years before that talk, in Argentina, for a Christmas in which they also participated Dalma, Gianinna Y Diego Junior. “It was beautiful to be all together again, we wanted to return this year, but the pandemic did not even allow me to say goodbye to my brother for the last time,” Hugo lamented.

The best gift Diego Maradona gave Hugo

As he said, as Diego always reproached him for sleeping a lot, he once gave him an alarm clock in the shape of a Mickey.

“He reproached me for sleeping too much and I told him I didn’t have an alarm clock, and then he sent me a big one, with a loud alarm. Now I passed it on to my son Tiago, who is 23 years old ”.

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