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The owner of the farmhouse confesses: "I wanted to get the insurance premium"

Turn in the case of farmhouse exploded in Quargnento, in the province of Alessandria, which caused the death of three fire fighters. During the night the owner was summoned to the barracks: after a long interrogation of 10 hours the stationary. To assist him, the lawyer Laura Mazzolini, who initially stated: "I attended the interview and I can't say anything". This morning, Saturday, November 8th, the news of the confession arrived: the Chief Prosecutor of Alexandria announced it Enrico Cieri during the press conference. The confession of Giovanni Vincenti it was "fully exhaustive, giving full feedback to elements acquired during the search". Cieri reiterated underlining:"He acted to damage things but excluded the homicidal will".

The motive

The motive that prompted the owner to blow up the building would be economic: he and the wife, also investigated on the loose, were strongly indebted and last August the insurance of the building had been extended to the malicious fact. The ceiling was one and a half million euros. The action completed was in fact "aimed at achieving the insurance premium stipulated last August also for intentional fraud".

An overwhelming proof was the finding – in the bedroom – of a leaflet concerning the operation of the timer which triggered the explosion: according to Vincenti's statements cylinders should be seven, "placed in the various rooms of the house, open to saturate the rooms and cause the explosion at 1.30am of the night. So far three have been found"The prosecutor Cieri finally explained the dynamics of what happened: "The timer was set at 1.30, but another timer was set to midnight. So accidentally there was a first small explosion that alerted the firefighters who then went to the site with the carabinieri".


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