The outraged Italians plunge into a serious crisis

The victory in the popular referendum to reduce a third of Italian parliamentarians is his “last cartridge”. The prophecy made by many analysts is coming true: the 5 Star Movement (M5S), emerged in 2008 as a champion against political caste and that’s why called anti-system, is literally exploding since Monday, after knowing the results of the referendum and, above all, of the regional elections.

Almost 70% of the votes in favor of cutting 345 deputies and senators, out of a total of 945, has not been enough to stop the identity crisis of the party founded by the comedian Beppe Grillo, who two years ago ruled with the extreme right of Matteo Salvini And now, as if it were a wild card, he does it with the progressives of the Democratic Party (P.S). Since Tuesday, social networks are abuzz with critics never seen against each other that put the Government of Giuseppe Conte because, if the “crickets”, as they are called, are divided into the Executive, they would lack votes in the Senate to survive.

Party “passed out”, “exploded”, “expired”, “situation of anarchy”, read the messages of the parliamentarians. The former deputy Alessandro di Battista, which represents the pure and anti-system wing of the beginning and which remains apart waiting for better times, has said that the results of the recent regionals “are the movement’s greatest defeat and that the problem is not the alliances with other parties, but the identity crisis“.

Collective guilt

“The Movement has lost the regional and the faults are not individual, but collective,” he acknowledged this Wednesday Roberto Fico, president of the Senate for the M5S, taking up the challenge of convening “general states”, a kind of congress, to define “the new agenda.” The conclave will take place on October 4.

The M5S ran for the first municipal elections in 2008, obtaining between 1% and 3% of the votes, depending on the localities. In 2012 it went to 8% -10%, in the general elections of 2013 it obtained 25.55% from Congress and 23.79% from the Senate, with 7.5 million votes. In the 2018 European Championships it reached the ceiling and record at the same time with 32.7%, becoming the first game in the country. It currently has 294 deputies and senators, thanks to the 2018 vote, which does not correspond to the estimate of 10% -17% given by the polls.

The autonomic ones of last Sunday and Monday are a confirmation of its tendency to disappear. Even so, they continue to dictate the government’s line and condition the policies of progressives, which causes not only the discomfort of the left but also of the factual powers of the country (employers, banks, unions …).

Easy instructions

Luciano Fontana, director of the moderate ‘Corriere della Sera’, wrote this Wednesday that for the M5S “it is not only the moment to decide what to do when they grow up, but to radically change the easy and illusory slogans that have characterized them since their birth” . Among the most famous is the “we will open Parliament like a can of tuna“Y “we have defeated poverty“, pronounced the day they approved the citizenship income, a kind of minimum wage for those who do not charge anything and that has been a failure, because some parliamentarians and people who travel with Mercedes and SUVs do.” We are too mediocre to be Savonarola and we are too spoiled to be delirious by an Evita Perón who is not even blonde “, wrote the sarcastic Michele Serra from ‘La Repubblica’.

The party now has at least four internal currents: Known as “gubernativa” and willing to compromise with progressives, which has Luigi di Maio as reference; the one inspired by the president of the Senate, Roberto Fico, ready to evolve together with Di Maio; the purists who recognize themselves in Alessandro di Battista, who has returned to Italy after touring all of Latin America on a motorcycle and praising more well-criticized regimes in those latitudes, and the Rousseau platform. It is a computing platform, managed by a private company led by Gianroberto Casaleggio, to which the M5S has to submit to make decisions. They call it “direct democracy” and it lives on part of the salaries of parliamentarians, who have begun not to pay. “Well, I’ll cut your services,” Casaleggio threatens.