The outburst of the restaurateur Micarelli: “I am sick with diabetes but it is impossible to speak to the department”

ANGER – The man from Macerata, who now lives and works in Civitanova, complains about the impossibility of hearing from the doctor who follows him: «The secretariat always responds to Diabetologia, but if I’m sick I need to hear from the specialist to know what to do. Very serious disservice for those with a pathology like mine ”

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Gabriele Micarelli

«It is impossible to speak to the Diabetes department of the Macerata hospital, there is always the answering machine. But what should a person who is sick do? I can’t contact my general practitioner, I need to hear from the specialist “is the outburst of the restaurateur from Macerata Gabriele Micarelli who has diabetes, a disease that must be followed with the utmost care and that is all it asks for.

«I live in Civitanova, and I happen to need to contact the Diabetology department. Every time I call, however, there is an answering machine that answers – Micarelli tells Chronicles Maceratesi -. Today, since it was the umpteenth time that this happened, I called the hospital switchboard and they replied that they had the problem present and that they could not pass me the ward. I believe it is a very serious disservice for those who have an important pathology like mine and live at a distance. I can’t go to the ward every day to talk to someone. But what if a patient has to talk to the ward like he does? Impossible to speak to the doctor. I believe this is not only my problem but also other people’s problem. I have decided to make this problem public because a solution must be found. I need to be able to speak to my doctor. If I feel bad, how do I do it? It is necessary to consult the specialist »continues Micarelli. The restaurateur, who in Civitanova is a member of the chalet “Cazza la randa” (formerly Gigetta), adds that “it is not possible that we do not intervene to solve this problem, that we cannot talk to anyone”.

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