Home World The outbreak of the virus in Singapore sends an alert message to the world

The outbreak of the virus in Singapore sends an alert message to the world

The outbreak of the virus in Singapore sends an alert message to the world

Singapore is one of the role models in the fight against the pandemic. Virologists and experts from all over the planet gave the small Asian state as an example. Very commercially related to China, it soon detected the first cases. He did not take them as a common flu. There they have bad experiences with other types of coronaviruses. They established an infection detection system that was effective. They were quarantined and thus prevented the spread of the disease, which barely affected a thousand people and caused six deaths.. But the virus, already so widespread on five continents, has returned to Singapore. On Saturday there were 75 cases. Regrowth, probably caused by citizens of the country from Europe, the United States or Indonesia. Singapore has had to reapply its method. The world is warned. It is a virus that insists.

With six million inhabitants, the highest per capita income and an authoritarian political system and an open economy, Singapore stopped the first wave of the epidemic. It is a country that boasts of its security. There are no robberies. The cameras monitor everything. The private sphere is the property of the Government. To chase the virus, they created an ‘app’ available to citizens on their mobile phones. When each one went out into the street, they connected via ‘Bluetooth’ with the mobile phones of people nearby. Those data were stored by government agencies. And if the citizen later tested positive for the coronavirus, they notified those who had been in contact with him and also did the screening test. With such measures they stopped the epidemic.

The virus was treated as a killer. They chased him with videos from cameras installed in shops, with mobile data and even with police interrogations. They surrounded the infected and all possible carriers. While the disease was runaway towards Europe and the United States, in Singapore they put it behind bars. But he is an elusive criminal and has flown back from some other country.

The police-health operation to put him under arrest has already been launched. As they did in the first wave. In Singapore they know all the steps of the virus. Arrived in late January with a group of Chinese tourists. They walked through the city and stopped at a traditional medicine store, one of those where they sell crocodile oil and herbs for almost everything. They bought and infected the dependent, patient zero. On February 4 the alarm went off. There was a new virus in Singapore. Authorities discovered the outbreak. The vendor had infected his entire family and even the Indonesian maid. It could have been a new Wuhan, the great focus of the epidemic in China. But they avoided it with an immediate firewall. They tracked the virus with the technological magnifying glass and stopped it with hardly any victims.

Now, by plane, he’s back. There is a second wave. Singapore restarts the fight. You can’t let the virus spread so far as to overwhelm your surveillance system. Their fight sends an alert message to the world. You can’t let your guard down even when you seem to have beaten the disease.