France – Faced with the strong contagiousness of the Delta variant and the decline in vaccine efficacy beyond six months after a complete vaccination schedule, the Order of Physicians requests that physicians and all health professionals have access to present at the vaccine booster against Covid-19[1].

“The Order of Physicians asks that doctors and all health professionals be considered as a priority for access to this booster, as they were at the start of the vaccination campaign, to protect themselves and their patients” , indicates the CNOM before adding: “this need for public health must be integrated into the reflections and opinions of the High Authority of Health and the vaccination taskforce, and implemented without delay by the Government. “

The Order of Physicians requests that physicians and all healthcare professionals be considered a priority for access to this booster, as they were at the start of the vaccination campaign

In addition to the safety of healthcare professionals and their patients, the Ordre des médecins puts forward two arguments to justify its request: the continuity of care and the exemplary nature of professionals.

“The opening of the possibility of having access to a vaccination booster to doctors, and beyond to all health professionals, is essential to ensure the continuity of care and the safety of all, in the hospital as in the city. . This vaccination booster will make it possible, within the framework of the national vaccination campaign, to continue the work of conviction through the exemplary nature of professionals ”, advances the CNOM.

A decision that would also be conditioned by that of the EMA?

At this stage, in France, the HAS has declared itself in favor of a booster dose for the most vulnerable and the elderly. A position followed by the government. 300,000 appointments for a third dose have already been made by those over 65, underlined the Prime Minister. Jean Castex during an intervention on September 7.

However, the opinion of the HAS concerning people over 65 is conditioned on that of theEuropean Medicines Agency (EMA), which should be returned soon. And, it could be the same for healthcare professionals.

However, for the moment, “on the basis of current data”, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and the EMA informed, in a press release, on September 2, that it did not appear to them “urgent to administer booster doses of vaccines to fully vaccinated individuals in the general population”.


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