Humanitarian ship 'Open Arms' has been declared this saturday "in a state of need" and has said that after 16 days unable to disembark rescued migrants in the Mediterranean They can no longer guarantee the safety of the 134 people on board.

"After 16 days waiting for a safe port where to disembark, 6 medical evacuations and having informed the authorities about our situation, without obtaining any response, we are in a situation of need and we can no longer guarantee safety of the 134 people on board, "said a spokeswoman for the NGO.

The ship has been on the coast of Lampedusa for two days, without the arrival of migrants having been authorized, while the crew denounces the deterioration of the situation on board.

Meanwhile, Agrigento Prosecutor's Office (on the Italian island of Sicily), which yesterday opened an investigation by the alleged crime of kidnapping people -not directed against anyone in particular- is trying to clarify why the 134 migrants remain on board the 'Open Arms' next to the coasts of Lampedusa, after the Italian Coast Guard ensures that "it sees no impediments" for the landing of these people.

The Prosecutor's Office plans to inspect the ship

As reported this Saturday, the Agrigento Prosecutor's Office is examining all the documents related to the 'Open Arms', including a communication sent by the Coast Guard to the Ministry of Interior in which it urgently asks for a solution and alleges that "there are no impediments of any kind to the landing".

"In the next few hours, we may be able to proceed with an Open Arms inspection," said the Prosecutor's Office.

When 16 days have elapsed since the immigrants were rescued in the Mediterranean by the Spanish oenege ship, the situation on board is desperate, while the Italian ultra-right-wing leader and Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, still in his thirteen to prevent landing despite numerous appeals.

"Day 16. The world is witnessing the nightmare that the 134 people who endure waiting on the deck have to live. Only the lack of will of the offices that make decisions away from a safe harbor," wrote the Spanish NGO on your twitter account.

To which Salvini replied: "In 16 days you would have arrived quietly at your home in Spain. The battle of the NGO is political, not humanitarian, played on the skin of immigrants, Shame. I do not give up".

Last Thursday night there was the last evacuation of four people, for medical reasons, after I denied that they required specialized attention.

However, doctors at the Lampedusa outpatient clinic said that only one of them had "a simple otitis", an extreme that the Prosecutor's Office is also investigating.

The Spanish organization called for the evacuation "with the utmost urgency for humanitarian emergency" of the migrants and the crew.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced on Sunday that the Governments of Spain, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Portugal and Romania have transmitted their availability to host a portion of the rescued, although no agreement has yet been formally publicized of relocation. EFE

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