The OnePlus Nord N100 smartphone and the Roborock S5 Max robot vacuum cleaner at reduced prices

Take advantage of the AliExpress promo on the OnePlus Nord N100 smartphone until June 14 – DR

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The Nord N100, an affordable, yet efficient smartphone

In a few years, the Asian company OnePlus has succeeded in establishing itself as one of the global heavyweights in the mobile telephony sector. In 2020, its OnePlus North quickly became a bestseller, in large part thanks to its competitive price.

OnePlus therefore continued with the Nord N100, a model that is also powerful, and still accessible at a low price. The device uses a Snapdragon 460 processor capable of meeting basic needs. It also has 4 GB of RAM. Its 64 GB of storage space can accommodate a large amount of photos and videos.

But the Nord N100 stands out first of all by its load capacities. With a 5000 mAh battery, the device is able to last for hours without weakening. In addition, it is compatible with 18W fast charging (9V / 2A).

With its 6.29-inch screen clocked at 90 Hz, it also offers great visual comfort for watching videos or playing games. In addition to being compatible with facial recognition technology, it has a triple photo sensor, thus achieving excellent quality shots.

With AliExpress, OnePlus smartphones are even cheaper

From June 11 to 14, AliExpress is making the OnePlus Nord N100 an even more accessible solution. During these few days, its price is 105 € instead of 158 €. This reduction of more than 50 euros will be of interest to anyone looking for an entry-level smartphone.

In addition to this mobile phone, AliExpress offers its customers other advantages. By falling for the Nord N100, you will benefit from an expedition made from France. It will not take more than 3 to 5 days for your package to arrive in your mailbox. In addition, this delivery will be free, saving you even more money.

Before validating your basket, take the time to select the right format for your OnePlus Nord N100 as well as shipping from France. In addition, AliExpress regularly adds additional coupon codes: don’t forget to check their availability and add them during your order to take advantage of an even lower price.

Robot vacuums become affordable with the low-cost Roborock S5 Max

In the absence of spring cleaning, your house will be entitled to a summer cleaning at a lower price. AliExpress has a second offer for you. It concerns the Roborock S5 Max, a device designed by the leading company in this field of intelligent vacuum cleaners.

The S5 Max lives up to its name. In particular, it includes a large water tank, which allows it to clean large areas: with its 290 ml, it can clean up to 200 square meters. To this it also adds a large battery (5200 mAh). This ensures an autonomy of up to 120 minutes.

The S5 Max is also a smart device. Its sensors allow it to accurately map the configuration of your home. He can thus optimize his journeys and return to his base alone when necessary. Better yet: from the accompanying app, you can fully control the device. What rooms it must clean, at what times … You can even define areas prohibited to the device, or areas where it will only vacuum and not wash (such as rugs for example).

And right now the Roborock S5 Max is available at a discounted price. You can find it for just € 316 instead of € 523.12, or nearly € 200 in savings. And you still benefit from AliExpress advantages: reception within 3 to 5 days and completely free delivery.

These are not the only good AliExpress deals at the moment, in the telephone sector as elsewhere. Even at OnePlus, other smartphones, like the 8T, can be found at the best price. Take the time to consult the offers currently available: there is necessarily the model of your dreams, and which fits your budget.

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