The one-hour workout for easy weight loss

    45 minutes is more than enough for a good weight loss workout, but if you are looking for a more complete routine, with more exercises and muscles worked, this one-hour workout is the perfect one to burn fat and lose weight. A full body workout for chest, back, arms, shoulders, legs and core, with a lot of cardio and outside. Remember, as we always tell you, that strength training with exercises such as the bench press or squats is the best for taking off those extra kilos and toning up.

    So let’s go with that one hour workout where we tell you the series, repetitions and rests. We are looking to lose weight, so it is about accelerating the metabolism to the maximum with very functional exercises and relatively short breaks.

    The One Hour Weight Loss Workout

    Respect the order and breaks of the exercises during this one hour workout to lose weight and burn fat.


    In this first part of the routine, it is about, without breaks, linking a chest exercise with another cardiovascular one.

    • Barbell bench press: 8 repetitions with moderate weight (bench press: learn to place your hands on the bar), and followed, without rest, 10 squats with our body weight. 2 series in all.
    • Classic push-ups for chest and mountain climbers: 10 push-ups and half a minute of climbers. 3 series in all.

      A minute of rest between a series of exercises and another.


      First we will combine supine pull-ups with burpees and then pronated pull-ups with leg raises.

      • First 10 pull-ups with supine grip, we go down from the bar and do 5 burpees. 2 series in all
      • And second, 6 prone pull-ups and without getting down from the bar, we do leg raises to failure. Two other series.

        Two minutes between one block of exercises and another. (How to perform your first pull-up in three easy steps)


        For this third block of our one-hour weight loss workout, we’re going to hit the shoulders, but in a more dynamic way.

        • First, we drop a couple of fairly heavy dumbbells on the floor, pick them up, and do a 10-rep standing shoulder press, followed by a 10-meter farmer walker. And without resting, we drop the dumbbells, go up again for 10 reps and walk back with another farmer step. So 4 series in total, resting a minute and a half between one series and another.


          4 exercises to finish off this one-hour workout to lose weight.

          • Kettlebell Goblet Squats: 10 reps (How to do squats well and what types are there), and followed by an isometric squat against the wall for 10 to 15 seconds. 4 series in all.
          • Jump Leg Stride: 3 sets of 8 to 10 reps.

            Rest for one minute between rounds, and two minutes between finishing the squats and lunges.


            • Abdominal wheel 4 series to muscle failure. (How to use the abdominal wheel to mark the abdominals).
            • Isometric plank with turns to also work the obliques: 3 series of 10 repetitions.

              Rest for half a minute between series and series, and one minute before moving on to the next exercise.

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