The OK and KO of Friday, May 5, 2023

The OK and KO of Friday, May 5, 2023

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OK: Walter Tavares

For being key to Real Madrid’s second victory in Belgrade.

OK: Fernando Candela

For being named the new president of Iberia.

OK: Juan Roig

Because Mercadona has announced the creation of 7,000 jobs before the summer.

OK: Juan Bravo

For dismantling the government’s euphoria with the unemployment data.

KO: Peter Sanchez

Due to the setback in Brussels to its reduction in sentences for the crime of embezzlement.

KO: Teresa Ribera

Because the Electoral Board warns her for using La Moncloa to attack Moreno and Andalusia.

KO: Pere Aragonés

Because the Generalitat will have to repeat the oppositions after the scandal of outsourcing the service.

WHO: Zeljko Obradovic

For wasting the 0-2 score achieved in Madrid and having to play the tie in the 5th game.

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